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Boondock Saints 2:  All Saints Day
It's awesome

So I won tickets to see the Boondock Saints 2 last night.  It was the Boston premiere and a lotof the cast was there (Director Troy Duffy, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery, Billy Conolly, Bob Marley).

The whole experience was pretty awesome, the Director hadn't seen the movie with a live audience and the cast hadn't seen it since it was still a rough cut.

I went in with high hopes but the underlying tension that the movie could suck really badly.

Aikao's player (who also came) and I agree, the movie was awesome.  They really pulled it off.

We met Bob Marley and Billy, (Greely and El Duce) after the showing and I had a five minute conversation with Norman Reedus at the after party at a bar down the street from my house. Norman and Troy of all the cast, stuck around at the bar and just chilled for like.. 4 hours.

We were all getting drunk and they were pretty fucking chill.  

And the movie was awesome.  Really.


I hate you Slither...lucky bastard!
There's a pic of me with Greely (Bob Marley) on facebook.  he was cool as hell.