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Boston Festival of Indie Games

So. is the Boston Festival of Indie Games. It takes place on Saturday, September 12th @ this little place called M.I.T. It's a pretty awesome festival. A booth costs $250.00.

I think we should go. I think we should get a booth and some laptops and a giant TV and introduce Sindome to people in real life.

I'd like to gauge the interest of you folks in coming to Boston and helping me run this booth. I can provide you with a place to sleep (my place, unless we start to get high in numbers and then we will have to figure something out), transportation (for the most part) and entertainment. Hell, if enough people want to come I will see about running a one-shot LARP for everyone.

There is a post event exhibitor only party with lots of beer and games and awesomeness where all the people that were in booths all day can go around and check out every one else and their booths.

In terms of demoing the game, I was thinking there could also be a group of players (who couldn't come in person) waiting in a special IC-OOC area of the game, to demo features and walk people through the game -on Sindome-. Perhaps it's a traveling circus that parks outside the city.

Then those of us that are at the festival can be like, here, talk to someone who is actually -playing- this game, right now.

I think it would not only be a great way to introduce some new people to the game but it would be awesome to get together with you guys in real life. It's been a long time since we had any kind of real life meet up.

What are your thoughts? Is anyone interested in doing this IRL? I figure plenty of people would be willing to donate some time on-game on that Saturday, as well as help us put together marketing materials in the lead-up to the Fest.

Throw some feedback at me.



This sounds epic to me. I love the idea and would be more than willing to participate. An opportunity to talk irl about sindome with people who are genuinely interested is rare. The complication for myself personally is the atlantic ocean. It is big and wet and expensive to cross. I would have to tie it into a holiday or something which... considering this is coming up that same month, is a distinct possibility.

At the -very- least I would be up for assisting in the virtual tour.

I could probably pop in during the second half of the EST day unless my schedule changes by then to be part of the virtual bit.

As far as actually being there, I'm a still rather averse to travel. If that changes by then and I can afford the trip, I might see about showing up, though.

I would love to be there in Boston but I don't know if I'd make it. (Transportation, etc.)

But I like the idea of an ooc IC area for Guests that day. It can open more areas than a guest would normally see. And the Mixers and Corpies are there, uncomfortable, giving dirty looks and plastering on smiles.

It could be that WCS had an unusually high immy influx that day and is pulling help from all sides.

I'd help with that. More in the afternoon than morning.

By that date I hope to be back on so I will happily assist with the virtual side of things as like Hailfire said I have the problem of the Atlantic Ocean being between me and Boston.
WastelandWeekend sounds pretty cool. That's in California though. Which is further away from here than the UK, technically. Heh.

I know there are East Coast peeps playing. How about some of you? Anyone want to make a weekend out of this? As I said, I will provide the entertainments.

I've been thinking of how cool it would be to play a one-shot Sindome LARP over like 4-6 hours. It would have a story that would be totally an aside of the main plots on Sindome. Perhaps tied in, perhaps not, perhaps really IC and perhaps an alt-universe, depending on feedback from the staff.

I've wanted to run one for my LARP friends in Boston as an intro to the game so they will get into Sindome, but have not had a chance yet.

Again, offering a place to stay for anyone who comes into town that weekend. If anyone is flying in, I'll pick them up or get them an Uber.

Keep the posts coming!

I'm starting to read up on wastelandweekend.

What a concept!

That looks like a Mad Max / Badlands survival "fun" and games.

There're videos and how to's for it.

And the vehicles are something else.

I am reading up more on it but I have some interest. It'd be a Saturday for what you have planned? Even though it is up in the air still.

I can't make a trip to Boston, and I can't be sure I'd be free to play on Saturday before evening/afternoon, but if I do happen to be free, I'd love to be around to help on the game, OOCly or ICly.

Thought you said you sucked?

Haiku's so fucking easy, mona.

I'll just finish yours!

Toothless - you take these?

Chick'n nuggts of justice.

Oh my god. That's good.

Wow, how did that get into not-the-epic-quote topic.

You all know what I meant.


yea, I know what thread you meant.


That's a hell of a concept.

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last night and wow.

Action flick awesomeness.

No story or real character development.

George Miller succeeded.

I wonder how much of WastelandWeekend is like that?

I'd love to travel and give a hand. But. Ah. Buenos Aires.