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Cars 'N stuff
Car art, vehicle insp, why walk when you can ride?

Honestly an excuse cause I tried to sketch a chex, and I don't draw cars and really need practice... :"))) But I'd love to see what stuff, images and the like y'all have to share for sindome cars/cool rides!

Sweet Chex.

Here are some of my favorite CP vehicles, though not in SD...

That last one screams Hondamitsu cruiser to me. The aerodyne is one of the medical casevac aeros from cp2020 if I recall correctly.
Yes it is. All of these are from CP2020 source materials.
I love the fact that even medteams have to go in fully armed to the teeth in cp2020s setting. Cp2077 looks to have captured them perfectly too.
Ive really struggled visualizing AVs. That's cool ^.^