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cereal poll results
do what you must

Cereal Preference => Which goes into the bowl first?


Cereal 36

Milk 8

Cereal, then milk, then cereal if getting seconds 36

Those 8 are monsters.
We have it on record that beandip chose the milk option.


1. Add spoon

2. Add milk

3. Add cereal

4. Add bowl

I hate that I know there are 8 people out there that put the milk in first... this is worse than putting milk in first in a cup of tea!

cereal experiments lain

im not sorry

1. forget the spoon.

2. don't need no milk.

3. add orange juice.

4. add cereal.

5. YUM

Long ago, I had a 24 ounce stainless steel bar shaker which I would just pour milk and cereal into and walk around the college campus eating/drinking cereal and milk out of it without any utensil.

That was before I started giving a shit.

Cereal first 100%. But you don't pour seconds on the milk, you drink it and start over.