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Character retirement and enjoyment lulls
Is this something one should even think about?

As far as I know, ones a character's potential or skillset or UE, one can request to restart or so. Alsom one can request for a vacation in which that max out character will be lock by the GMs while ya handle a new one.

As far as I know, once a character's potential or skillset or UE, are max out, one can request to restart or so. Also one can request for a vacation in which that max out character will be lock by the GMs while ya handle a new one.

To be more clear, there is an IC method of taking a vacation that lets you play a secondary character in the mean time. I think it has to be discussed with GMs first, and it costs sweet chyens to get your ticket out of the city. I believe it's only available after you've had your character for about a year too and I think you're only allowed to do it once as well. Vacations are for 6 month or 1 year, and you have to take the full duration. And then, when the duration is up, you have to give up your side character and go back.

You can also come up with any number of reasons to change your characters personality. You're the only one forcing them to be like something. Maybe your character decides that he's too lonely now and he want to get out and see what else is out there. He can still go around sneaking by all means, but maybe now he just doesn't because it's a lonely stealthy world out there.

There's no retirement option in Sindome though, and boothing is really boring. There's a ton of threads out there about going out in a blaze of glory though. Pick some fights with people and end up in a losing situation, go on a crime spree that you won't survive (and maybe your friends won't either), or whatever. Then just don't clone. You're the only one that makes you buy one.

Then do it all again. Live life on the edge. And when it's over, maybe you won't get corpse cloned, but maybe you will, and you keep a downward spiral hurting everyone close to you. That would be some good stuff.

And you never know, maybe you'll want to keep playing them again somewhere along the way.

Suggestion for the sneaky character - Being sneaky doesn't make your character unpersonable. In fact, moving out of the shadows and being more social, keeping the stealth on the down low can change the method of playing the character.

Or another option, maybe the character gets sloppy. They used to be stealthy but frustration over something has been making them be more vocal, more violent, hiding less.

Just some options without going meta and assuming character

After playing it for at least a year, you can send your character on a vacation while you play another one for a predetermined period of time of at least 6 months at the end of which you can either prolong playing that character for another predetermined period of time or switch to the old one, and so on. See 'help vacation'.

Respecs are possible only for high experience characters that have a good and sensible reason to reassign experience to other stats or skills without changing the core of the character.

I recommend looking for avenues of changing up your current character's RP in an organic way. Perhaps your character needs human interaction too and decides to find associates. If you decide to kill a character off, I recommend doing so through IC means by slowly building up to it over months of fighting with a worthy IC nemesis, not just double-suiciding your PC with no RP.

Sindome is a game centered around very long periods of time. If you get bored after only a few months of playing a character, you'll never get to see the higher level content by suiciding them. You could always just take a short break or change up your playing habits. But simply suiciding and trying different builds is not likely to entertain you for very long because this is an RP-centric game.

Of course if you really do feel like you're no longer interested in your current style and want to kill them off, then as has been said, go out with a bang. You're character's a thief? Plan a heist or something. Get a crew together, talk to the GMs and work something out. I'm sure you'll have good fun with it. Either it will re-invigorate your current character and give them higher aspirations of larceny, or maybe you'll get caught and things won't turn out so well for your character, giving you the opportunity to start a fresh character if you so choose.

Either way, keep things interesting.

There are no happy endings in Sindome.

If you find yourself at an impasse with your character, I think it's best to take bigger risks and open yourself up to more player-managed opportunities. It's not a game about mechanics. It's a game about the struggle. Rise and fall over and over until you burn brighter than you ever though possible or just burn out. I've retired two characters over the years. One because of crippling DCD and another because I felt like I had won to such an extent that I was inhibiting other people's character growth more than I was enabling it. Over the course of your characters, things can and will stagnate. You just need to forge a new path. You will also find yourself in terrible seemingly no-win scenarios. If you persevere and work at such a scenario - for the most part new options will open to you...sometimes in ways you never expected.

"You've never had the urge to kill yourself until now."

Never been too fond of that quote to be honest and yet I've killed more of my characters that I have fingers in my hands, probably even more than that. So I kind of get from where you are coming.

However I'd like to suggest a different route, don't kill your character and rather re-invent it. Hit your head with a rock and wake up as an amnesiac cowboy or whatever you feel like.

Change your clothes, your hair, your name and become someone else. You were a mixer? Sellout to the corps. You were a corpie? Rebel against the man. Or go to the Bandlands and become a sand pirate. Whatever rocks your boat.

I think you get the idea, if you are worried about mechanics and skills, you can change your stats and acquire new skills.

But you are going to say, that is not OP and ruins my min max build dude. Well, the good news its that you are a long way from max UE and you can build on top of what you already had and eventually you can apply for a respec and reinvest the points from those old skills you don't use anymore because your character is now a different person.

If you have been playing for a few months it's entirely acceptable and nobody is going to question (but yourself, probably) if you take a 180 degree spin in your character's direction. You still have a shitload of UE to invest and as soon as you can come up with an "excuse" to change their personality it's all up to you as the player to steer in that direction.

Killing them off isn't going to do you a service in this instance because progress in Sindome is measured by UE and/or your own personal goals. So if you find yourself stagnated with no goals, just change your character, no need to start over :) I'm sure we've all seen more radical, tangible changes in very popular characters across the years and we all thought it was amazing RP that was made.

The following ancient blog post by the venerable GM Iga is aimed at hoary old oldbie characters but can apply too to players who are tired of a character who hasn't yet been around long enough to have "won Sindome":