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Check Out My CyberPunk Noir Novella!
Staff Approved Ebook Flogging

Hi All!

I'm super thrilled to announce that I've published a ~60 page Noir Cyberpunk ebook, and it's available on Amazon for 99 cents!

This is a prequel novella that I'm putting out in advance of my full length novel. It's about a man on the run who's caught between two local powers on the outskirts of a city called Neotopia. A city where skyscrapers hover on the power of human thought alone. He's given a strange mission that may get him killed, but he's got no option but to pursue it.

The series is heavily influenced by William Gibson (Neuromancer), and Raymond Chandler (The Big Sleep). I'm trying to strike a balance of gritty and fun and people seem to be responding well so far! Slither OK'd me to post this on the forums, so here it goes! I'm almost topping out in a few cyberpunk categories and am thrilled.

If you've got a second to take a peek that would be awesome. Thanks for all the RP everyone, and happy holidays!

Congratulations on publishing! I promise to check it out soon!!

Also, I've done this with some wrist problems using voice dictation software, etc. If you've ever been interested in this sort of thing and have questions about using alternate writing tools I am happy to give you some pointers there too. There's some really amazing technology available out there for that now.

That would be a really interesting topic! I would like to like to learn more.
Someone was asking on XOOC about using the dictation software. Here's a photo of my hand-written 776 page manuscript which I then read into the computer using Dragon Dictation software:

I'd had the whole story in my head but my wrists kept getting in the way so I said fuck it and hand wrote everything. The novella is a prequel to this beast, which clocks in at ~330 typed pages.

Bought! Looking forward to reading it.
Awesome, thanks!!
Congratulations on being published.
Thanks Hek! It just went to #2 in it's category! Wooohoo.
#2? Great job!
Last time I'll bump this, but I just wanted to let everyone know that this ebook is now free. If you want to take a peek go for it!

Thanks and happy RP'ing/reading.