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Citizens of Withmore
An odd new years resolution.

So, I made a new years resolution to try and do a sketch a day of a different random citizen living in Withmore. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up, but a couple of people seemed interested in looking at the sketches, so here they will be in this thread.

I'm not drawing any particular existing people in Withmore, just ones that I am imagining. If you see something you think looks like your character, feel free to claim it. Also, be kind. These are sketches. Not something I am taking more than ten minutes on. :P

I tried doing some limited palatte watercolor shading, but I don't know what I'm doing. We'll see if I learn.

Day 1:

I'm already loving this thread. You're talented!
This is AMAZING. I love the grit in this sketch, very well done!
A ten minute sketch? You must be joking! Or you must be really talented! I'll bet on the latter. :D
This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it.

I wish I had the talents to share any of my visions of Withmore.

Taking any suggestions for inspiration? I'd love to see some cultural quarter representation, if so. Some of the cultures of the Mix especially don't have too pronounced of visual references, and it'd be great to see what a street kid from San Mara wearing a ratty Mayo Jersey, a Lil Kyoto pachinko fiend, a Gulag marcy addict in a track suit, or others might look like.
Day 2

Love them goggles!
Day 3... running out of space on this paper!

These are all great.
Didn't feel like doing this, but I did it anyway. Crammed this girl in a corner. Its getting crowded on the page, but I want to conserve paper. Ha.


I want to RP as all of them!
These are pretty cool, really dig the last one too.
Loving these!
Keep these up! Inspiring me to do fun art as well!