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Color Chart For Canvases
In one handy graphic

These are the color numbers specifically for using Canvases:

Hope that helps!

As the question of gradients has come up, here is a way to smoothly blend your colors.

Look at the middle of the color chart (ignore the first 16 colors and the grayscale gradient at the bottom). You'll see 6 sort of 6x6 "boxes." Think of each of these 6x6 boxes as different rooms on a floor of a building. There are 6 floors to this building.

Starting from the upper left of the top floor (color 17, black), you can see that if you walk east, the color gets more blue added to it. As you walk south, you're adding more green. And as you go down floors, you're adding more red.

West < --- Blue +++ > East

North < --- Green +++ > South

Up < --- Red +++ > Down

So now that you know how to walk around the color building, pick your starting color and ending color. Then "walk" across the colors needed to get there.

For example, say you're at 130 and you want to go to 205. That's 2 steps down, 3 steps west, and 1 step south. You can take these steps in any order to create your own gradient, depending on how you want it to fade. I personally like the colors that happen by walking west (129), down (165), west (164), south (170), west (169), down (205).

If you need to fade to or from a grayscale color, keep in mind that an equal amount of Red, Green, and Blue = a grayscale color. On this map, you can see that colors 16, 60, 103, 140, 189, and 232 are perfect for hopping to the grayscale range.

Don't forget to consider legibility when creating gradients! Clashing from one end of the light spectrum to the other is difficult, and blue-on-black is notoriously difficult to read.

Also, consider those who are blind, colorblind, or otherwise visually impaired. Writing the colors into the text of the art is just as important (if not more) than the use of color itself!

Hope that helps!

Amazing, thank you muchly for this!
Here are a handful of palettes to get folks started with color experimentation:

Sepiatone (Browns to Tans):

96 59 95 132 174 181

Pastels (Pink to Green):

207 219 217 193 122

Business (Dark colors from Blue, to Teal, to Gray, to Tan):

19 61 68 103 66 59

Basic Rainbow (Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Indigo / Violet):

197 203 209 215 221 227 191 155 119 83 47 42 37 32 27 22 58 94 130 166 202

Earthy Watercolor (Brown / Yellow / White / Sky Blue / Mossy Green):

95 137 185 227 230 232 256 254 190 154 112 74 37 30

Lava and Smoke (Faded Red to Smoky Blue):

204 169 140 105 62 61

Took several hours of troubleshooting before I saw this thread to confirm canvas colors are offset by 1 from the in-game @colors 256 chart.