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Cyberpunk 2077 and Sindome comparison
Hey, that reminds me of Sindome!

What things that remind you of Sindome while playing the game? For me, it's Mr.Stud, I'm sure you guys know what I'm referring to.
I'm like 10 hours into the game and pretty much everything reminds me of Sindome except for the fact guns are legal. It's been a blast so far, I can see myself putting a ton of hours into the side missions and stuff.

The fixer system that ensures you always have something to be doing, some task, some job, some payday, makes me wish Sindome had something similar that resembled every day circumstances.

A couple of junkies robbed a clinic and you got a job for a fixer to go fetch the supplies back for a modest payout, even if the combat isn't exactly challenging? Yes, please. Much better than running crates. :D

Most of the encounters you get in Sindome have consequences and build up, and if you're not a seasoned player with tons of UE investment, it can feel challenging to have any sort of confidence in your abilities.

It's refreshing to just go out there and be a solo for jobs that fit your abilities, routinely, to feel like you're capable on some scale.

I won't say much more because I don't want to reveal too much about the game but if CP2077 keeps up this level of quality as I progress, it'll certainly be one of my favorite games of all time.

I really appreciate how they nailed the corporate attitude and demeaning dialogue choices. There is a palpable attitude of superiority.

I am really bummed about the combat system though. I hope that someone comes out with a mod that does away with the high hit point, bullet sponge nature of the bad guys. Combat feels cartoonish.

Combat makes it feel like an RPG, which it definitely should feel like. If I could just win every fight with an easy head shot, I feel like the game would just lose most of it's challenge without introducing tons more waves of bad guys all the time.
When you try to grapple a much higher level/UE character and they immediately backhand you and toss you across the room.