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Cyberpunk foods?

Pizza, soy and ramen seem obvious.

Now I'm hungry... :/

Now I'm hungry for all of the above... :/

...Dammit. Double post. >.>

Don't take this as anything more than dreaming for I could be very wrong.. but I would imagine that most foods on the low end market derive from a protein fortified soy-based slurry to which different food stuffs are created by adding varying synthetic flavours, colours, and textures though remaining simply that; a slurry or pate' reminiscent of tofu. Mid-grade food stuffs maybe resemble actual foods like chicken or burgers by sculpting or moulding shapes mixed with refined recipes that better trick the senses. And well 'real' foodstuffs (in very short supply) are expensive as hell unless your palette is a bit less refined.. homosapien steak anyone? Oh, not that hungry.. How about a rat kabob then? I would imagine there are still farms out there, but rather types that maximize every square inch. Levels upon levels upon levels of hydroponic soy farms or protein farms (maybe genetically altered insects or vat-grown meat) within repurposed warehouses? On a grand scale though I don't see anything on the maps besides switchgrass probably for ethanol production so could even just be recycling. ;)

I would assume that a lot of food is still available, ingredients as well; just majority being versions of or synthetic; and the more you pay, the better quality.. ramen and gruel would be my best guess as the most readily available foods; stepping up a tier to Rikken Chicken, pizza and burgers.

Sorry for multiple posts, really interested to see other opinions and perspectives.

We have synthetic burgers (grown from stem cells), entire fish farms cultured from inedible waste concoctions, nutrient rich 3D printed tablets and ornate toy-like cartridges for seniors and space men alike, microalgae breads and snack wafers, tofu anything, meat substitute protein packs made from bacteria, and sushi made from practically anything, and skinned meal balls (that look like large testicles) though only different ice creams at the moment. That's just what I see as being close to dystopian theme.. but cyberpunk could really take in coca-cola and Pepsi and the endless soda wars, the large mass chains like McDonalds, or the ones who have merged to survive like Taco Bell and KFC.. any product marketed under false pre-tenses like a fair chunk of the current gluten-free market that trades gluten for arsenic, and well all the synthetic sugar substitutes out there.

But I doubt any of this would stand out all that much if you were planning a cyberpunk themed meal unless you wanted to make a steak out of spam. ;)