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Entry Level Jobs.
Outside of Bartenders

Could you guys give some ideas as to what is considered entry level jobs and available most of the time?

Reason I ask is the last few characters haven't been able to get a job outside of the shit bartender ones that pay like 2500-3500 a week. Definitely nothing to write home about or help you claw outta Red.

I'm just trying to get some ideas, because when you do the IDEAS prompt in Chargen, it gives you achetypes but they are all SUPER long term, like Judge, Drug dealer and etc. All things that require items which run upwards of 100k flash with a newbie can't really make to accomplish the task.

I'm looking for something that's entry level as the title says, but not a boring ass bartender.

I run packages for the Acme Courier Co. It pays up to 350 per package delivered. Tho you need to know the environment.
There's also the stamp press at SHI, if the crates run out. Two great entry level jobs.
After those, put in some applications to a job and wait, and wait, and wait, and do your best to interview and get an entry level position with a company that you can work your way up the ladder.
My character got a job outside of Red that pays 8k a week, within the first two weeks or so of playing. I also do a lot of jobs on the side, netting, typically, at least another five thousand a week, sometimes more like ten or fifteen. An off-the-cuff deal that had me scrounging chyen for a week set me up for a (for my character) big deal. I have a modestly decent amount in the bank and am moving up.

For the 8k a week "real" job, I had to show up, get bitched out by a receptionist, find some items by making contacts, write a resume, show up again and deliver the resume, wait, show up again and show my character could actually do what they said they could do. In the course of which they got belittled, but hired.

I'm convinced that this was not because of the particular career my character pursues. To use the example from game-help earlier, if you want to play a serial masturbator who has to diddle with robots to get their rocks off, play one. Apply for robotics jobs at corporations. Wait. Do odd jobs. Get told the corps aren't hiring? Seek out people that might need their robots diddled with. Can't find anyone? Come up with some business opportunities that would utilize other peoples' skills in addition to your own, and pitch it. Maybe you met a guy doing odd jobs that wants to start a drug operation. Well shit, maybe he needs to have chemical fires put out all the time, huh? You can diddle a robot right up for that. Or maybe you ran some errands for a guy that manages a gym. Say, what if the gym was the only one in town that had a robot chummers could spar with? Diddle it up!

Obviously, the robot idea isn't exactly implementable in the game. But the point is the same. Yes, it's nice to have a dependable weekly paycheck, and you can get some out of the gate. Maybe not the ones you want, though; so make it happen some other way, and come back when you've got more, and better, skills, and ace the interview then. If you even still want the job.

I want to point out that there are robots in the game that you could theoretically customize and then diddle.

This idea is entirely possible.

Ah, wasn't totally sure of the status of diddle-able robots, it being outside of my characters' bailiwick. That's pretty ace, though!
Okay, 1 - This could've been asked in game and generated RP.

If you did that already, then great! I was off working.

2- There are a lot of "entry" level positions all over if you look for them. You don't even have to look far, just use the in game tools that are already at your disposal (SIC, Grid, go out walking the streets and passing out your resume just like in real life.

The pay may not be much better than a bartender to start with but that's what "entry" level is. Unless you're lucky in game but you have got to generate that luck yourself.

There are also a lot of retail stores in Red, Gold and Green.



There are in game openings. You just need to find them, apply, @note it and follow up. Just like how you would in Real Life.

Note for Newbies reading this: @newbie, History option. That needs to be done (& approved) to work any automated jobs. Gotta have your immigration papers approved you know. ;)

Anyways, I hope our answers helped.

And an RP note: sometimes it takes knowing the right person to land a job in the area you want. Depending on what it is.

Shops don't normally hire players is what I've been told in the past.
Shops don't normally hire players is what I've been told in the past.

Well why does it matter? What do you want to do? Stand around and wait for people to come in, buy stuff, and leave? I don't get it.

Some shops are operated by players, and they can hire anyone they want.

ShinMojo's right, it makes no sense to employ a PC at most shops.

Thanks for leaking many details of IC information. It's against the @rules to talk about your personal experience with salaries or prices of things.

There are some places that are / were player owned.

If you just wait, that's all you'll be doing. Just like in real life.

You need to be proactive. Just like in real life.

If you want to do something, you need to find out how to do it. What you'll need. Who you need to talk to. Where you need to go.

It might not happen in the 1st week or two but it will happen.

We do want to help new players as well as newish ones but you will need to think of some solutions yourself too. How would you go about this in real life? Now, the character, with a personality of its own, how would *they* go about getting the shit they need so that they can get their shit done?

Look at that and come up with some solutions and see what you can accomplish, because you can accomplish a lot. (We can't OOC'ly tell you to do so and so, that sort of thing could be considered IC paydata [among other things] for example and to be found out in game.)

If there's a consistent theme to Jago's posts, it's one of impatience, entitlement, and unrealistic expectations. Let's see if we can't reset those expectations once and for all.

It's been said before, but it bears repeating now:

It's not a coded game you RP in. It's an RP game with coded support. The code is going to be wholly biased towards that, and NOT towards coded mechanics for your personal success. If you continue to expect it to be biased towards fairness, rapid advancement, and your personal success, you're going to continue to be bewildered by every mechanic and fight the system.

What you've not yet understood is that it's a VERY GOOD system. It's biased towards RP, and it supports that goal INCREDIBLY WELL.

Before you go any further wondering about coded systems and personal advancement, you should stop and learn about what it means to Role Play, and how to do it. Specifically you should focus on how to to remove yourself from yourself, and step into character. These questions that you keep asking, they totally make sense if it was a coded game, but you're going to keep getting the "It's to support RP" answer because you don't seem to understand what RP is about.

There's a ton of other posts on how to RP effectively. I suggest you start there, because understanding that will give you a lot more insight into all these other topics.

Guys, just stop answering Jago's threads. The character that he had that generated this question is already permed by the player...

The answer to all his threads is the same: Take your character out and roleplay them acting to their surroundings and circumstances. Don't try to game the game. There is no win, just RP.

Just noticed this and figured I would add some more commentary, cause why not.

I have done what Jinx said, and the admin are failing to hire me for any job I attempt to get icly. So you're telling me to go do shit, I do it, then you guys don't hire me.

How long have you waited? (Don't answer.)

I'm responding for the above and for newbies:

When you gridmail and make an @note, then like in Real Life, it can take up to a couple weeks. (That's why @notes help so much.)

It can take less time too.

Plus like in real life, you need to persist. Follow up with another mail or walk into the place (both?) & then Leave another @note.

If you're talking face to face, you can't just ask a question without including the important information, or with only a little bit of info, then wait ~5 or so minutes and then leave.

The GM's may be busy Puppeting for others at that moment, might not be available or maybe missed your statement that first time and catch it at one of the later times when you repeat yourself.

I've had an NPC / Person (note: treat them all like people) tell me, after 30 - 40 minutes, to return in an hour. This doesn't always happen but I'm typing this so then you have an example of how busy the people on the other side can be.

There is a lot scrolling past on admin's screens. @Notes help GM's catch things and help GM's make potential storylines for you.

(One GM or Admin mentioned in the recent townhall during the paintball fight, that that spam was what they saw ALL the time. Be patient. Admins are volunteers with a lot going on.)

Summary: There can be a lot going on so talk to the NPC's, use in game tools that are at your disposal, use @notes, and follow up.

Be patient (as a player).

AND see about Players who may be hiring. Someone somewhere is.

(And you may have competition who has a more established Rep than you. Think of what you can do to have people look your way instead of theirs.)

The issue isn't the waiting for a reply, it's that the reply is always no.

Unless it's a shit job, like a bartender, it's always no. I have tailored characters to make a perfect candidate even going so far as to make the make believe @history aiming towards the goals I created with the character in mind.

Their response time isn't horribly bad, it's just their acceptance to anything I want to do that sucks heh.

You mean the answer is no -for you-.

Because you don't understand how to roleplay.

Ostensibly, the answer isn't no for everyone else. It's just you who are doing it wrong.

Disregarding the arrogant tone in your post...

The point of a job isn't for X chyen per week, at least not my main goal now. The point of getting any of the jobs I'm trying to get is to have a reason to roleplay with you guys.

I'm not just going to walk into X bar and start acting like we are friends. That's not how it works in real life or roleplay.

Which is why bartender is about the most coveted job available for that particular reason.
However, extremely limited. Say you get a job in Red, and people can't come to Red, boom half the clients gone.

Say you get a job in Green or Gold and people don't want to leave their squalor. Boom half the people gone.

Not to mention it's boring as shit.

And if I was really trying to game the system, I would do exactly what some of the others do. Get a bartender job, only go there maybe an hour a week, and then go collect my pay.

I'm trying to get more interesting and involved jobs that actually take work. Not some shit I can sign up for, and milk for free chyen.

Yes,one of the main themes of Sindome is the massive inequality, the seperation of mixers and corpies, the massive 'unfairness' in caste wars, and the bitter irony of it all. Welcome to Withmore City, get the theme yet? Or are we going to have to keep beating you about the head with it?

It is by FAR AND AWAY the most 'unlimited' job available when it comes to providing you with RP opportunities. Remember how no one will come to the bar to be your friend? Well when your a bartender, that's all people do. No other job in the game will have people flocking to your location with a reason to talk to you. Period. Now suck it up, buttercup, and start slinging drinks.

You have missed the main point of my post.

Being a shill for a shitty bar in Red or Green is not my idea of a fun time.

So no, that ain't happening.

I have not missed the point.

You said the point was to give you an excuse to RP. This IS it. This is the moment you've been waiting for, the perfect job, the grand opportunity to have an excuse to interact with just about everyone in the game.

You've missed the point of the game, which isn't to provide you with a fun time. It's to provide a role play setting, and the fun time is strictly optional and entirely at your discretion, but absolutely not guaranteed or even something they care to cater to.

Okay, so let me get your retarded comment into regular language...

The point of the game isn't to have fun roleplaying? It's just to roleplay.

Okay, taking stupid to a whole other level, let's run with that.

So you're telling me, that there are those of you who don't have fun roleplaying, who keep coming back for more, over and over, but don't have fun?

I'm guessing a few of you are pussies in real life who let your husband beat you, or wife beat you, because that's some victim type shit right there.

I'm sure for some people, that is the point. I'm not sure where you got the idea that people wouldn't have fun.

What I said was that the point isn't to provide YOU with fun. It's to provide you with a role playing setting, and the fun is strictly BYO. What you consider not fun (bartending and interacting with all kinds of other people) others do.

You are effin lucky to even have a decent job. Some newbies were stuck working at ACME and SHI Who effin only got 250 per hour . And it takes 3 days of none stop work just to get 3-4 thousands. Be happy that you even have a job. Sorry Thats all.
Hello and welcome to SD, Mister.

SHI has been made that way to discourage players from getting the easy way out. New players should be hitting up SHIt Factory one or two days after they get an approved history, if even, because as a new player you'll advance -alot- faster and make more dough interacting with other characters, who are likely to offer work (big/small/trivial) for your services. That is where the real RP and the long term work money starts kicking off.

First impressions are everything. Oversell yourself so that they give you a shot because you sound more promising than the competition, then when they realize you were blowing Solar, they continue to use you anyway because they've already invested in you, if they drop you make more promises you probably can't keep hoping desperately for them to take you back. By then word of mouth has gotten around and you have something to fall back on. Do it for the RP at first, and money/gear will follow.

Got it. I was only complaining cause theres no one to talk to and RP when working at SHI. Stuck there for hours for day without talking to someone really makes me crazy. That's all. Thanks.
That's like the weather - it changes by the day and the season, and, time-of-day makes makes a difference too.

There are players who meet others at SHI, and, after spending hours there together, they wind up with rich IC interactions or relationships as a result. Friendships, romances, and conflicts have all come out of SHI.

Holy necro, Batman!

Yeah, I've never had a problem meeting people at the SH factory. Just stick around the area and wait for someone. Then initiate some RP in whatever way to you feel is appropriate. The SHI is the most valuable asset a fledgling newbie can have, I think. I just started and I can attest that the game is unfair and difficult. But that's what's so fun about it. It's just some boring hack and slash. You actually need to use your imagination to do something. Here's an adage from my other favorite game - Dwarf Fortress: LOSING IS FUN. Enjoy the ride.

I would really like to see a discussion about opening entry level jobs up to non-english speakers. I have in mind at least one instance in which it seemed (from my player perspective) that staff rejected a new PC from a job due to their inability to speak fluent english. While bias is definitely a thing IC, I'm not clear on the OOC / staff stance on this subject. It might influence how I roll a character, if I can't get coded/bartending gigs solely because my english isn't fluent.

Can staff clarify or weigh in on this please?

I would like if each varying sector of town would accept those who spoke the language associated with them as parts of jobs (if they don't already). Through posing and similar, orders for drinks could be made, etc, and roleplaying would continue even with the language barrier as it would IRL.

I think @Lena was saying that they are not fluent in English (OOCly).

I'm genuinely not sure how to 'open up' even entry-level jobs more in this way. PC - PC interactions (and even basic game mechanics) are governed by a certain degree of English fluency, being an English-based game. A certain degree of fluency is inherently necessary.

Playing with the web client in conjunction with various translation plug-ins might help to some degree.

Interpreted to mean the language code is not being fully utilized, and characters with a different primary language should have a broader array of opportunities, even if the "region" is selective in that regard.

That said, I be surprised if this isn't the case. Things get overlooked, but I think in an actual interaction, given the puppeting GM knows where they are/NPC background it would be taken into account.

You can't get a PC without English unless you're a veteran player, because it requires a GM to approve it and a builder to implement it.

Lena's real-life English is fine, that isn't the issue at all.

In my opinion, the whole "entry level jobs" concern mainly serves the entry-level player, not the entry-level PC of a veteran player.


Given what you said, I don't understand this conversation. The reason new players are not allowed to have non English-speaking characters is because entry level jobs require being able to speak English. Veteran players can get around that because they understand more of the game and are not going to need to rely on entry level jobs to survive.

Some entry level jobs do not ICly require fluent english ICly. Some do. A bartender needs to be able to understand the order. A bouncer just needs eyes.

OOCly, we have many players who English is not their first language and this is not a consideration except in very specific positions that may require an a specific command of the English language (IE: NLM content creator, Globe writer). In those situations we do our best to accommodate.

This seems off topic from the original discussion. Please keep to the original topics, both when they are new topics or when you are necroing a thread. Locking this thread.