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Extended Break
going away for a bit

ok, so two things...

1. everybody's off playing Mass Effect or whatever, so in game action on Sindome has died down a bit from how it was before the game was even anticipated. not a complaint really, more of a comment as I too am guilty of spending more time in another window for most of the times I'm at my computer. It's not even a deciding factor for my actions, I just figured this is as good a place if any to say it.

2. The real issue. . .
There has been some IRL drama with another significant person of the Sindome user base and rather than to have a negative impact, awkward tension or any other sense of potential for "foul play" in key RP plots, events or general happenings, I have decided remove myself from the equation for the most part.

I don't know if or when I'll be back for another run of The Timmy Chronicles.. During the course of next week, I'll try and tie up some loose ends and at least find some IC reason for Timmy to disappear again.

I had hoped to have been able to hold out until Navarre's player returned, but the IRL drama has quickly been taken to a ridiculously unreasonable level beyond comprehensible belief that I am just not inclined to really tolerate, ever.

So if you see me connected and not idling, and your character has some business with my character to take care of next week, that will be your chance, should I be up for it.

and as always, you may contact me on AIM@DJF1RE for a chat, unless of course we happen to not be on speaking terms. either way, I have nothing but the best wishes to everyone in their endeavors.

It's been my experience that there are only two possible causes for drama:

1) A misunderstanding that's gotten blown way out of proportion.

2) A very basic lack of maturity.

Now, upon reading this a few puzzle pieces fell together in my head and while I may well be wrong, but I think I might know what's going on here and involving whom.

If it is what I think involving who I think, then I'll bet anything that it's a stupid misunderstanding and there's no reason you both can't have a beer and laugh it off. It's overall a better solution than perpetuating the drama and ditching a hobby.

Problem is, someone has to extend the olive branch in these situations. Being able to do that is the mark of a real man.

This is where someone would usually say that that's their opinion, but it isn't. Everything I've said is fact. There is no quarrel that two true men can't resolve with alcohol and a light bout of friendly violence. Like punching each other in the head a few times or breaking chairs on each others' backs. Some grunting is also appropriate.

I def missed something huh.
Sorry Timmy-man. Just got back, trying to get into living real life again before I kick it into Sindome gear. But will be IC soon. Hope you decided to hang in there.