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Fade To Black (FTB) Confusion

I think that there may be some confusion regarding FTB. Based on what I am reading in another thread and based on a conversation I had with Johnny about a year ago at least.

There is no @rule stating that anyone must FTB black when asked. And if you read 'help FTB' you will see that the other party does not have to accept a request to FTB and that FTB " must be agreed upon by parties using the local OOC chat" or FTB does not happen.

If I ask to FTB and the other party does not want to FTB, then no FTB occurs. I can choose to RP it away how I want by ICly ending the encounter for example (when it is a sexual scenario) or by 'passing out from the pain' or some such in a torture scenario. But no FTB takes place.

There are, however, rules that state that you can ask for "physical sexual roleplay that is being directed at or requested from your character" to stop via local OOC and that the other player must stop it but this is not the same as FTB. This is making the RP stop and not happen. Not OOCly agreeing it ICly happened without posing it all through.

This is to ensure that, by and large, the only things that ICly happen are the things that ICly happen with sexual scenes being the sole exception.

I just thought I should mention this here due to the what I have read so far in other posts. If I am wrong, I look forward to being corrected. If not, I hope that my bringing this up will help us all get on the same page.

In the context of the other thread I was referring to FTB in terms of how it is defined in help FTB.

As of this writing, the only legitimate usage of FTB is to skip mutual explicit sexual RP (aka MOOsex) and scenes which involve torture.

Fade to Black or FTB is the choice to fade out a scene instead of performing it. This must be agreed upon by parties using the local OOC chat. FTB -requires- consent from all FTB parties. Appropriate use of FTB is for MOOsex scenes only. Other scenes should not have FTB used. FTB does not allow other players to respond to actions that were faded, incorrect assumptions can be made about a player's actions, and it can affect the RP of other players that weren't involved.

Example: Joe and Jane are planning to go to dinner. John the Assassin has planned to kill Joe and knows about the dinner and waits for Joe and Jane to leave the safety of their home. Joe and Jane FTB the night away and log out. John the Assassin never acts out his plot because the other players never made themselves available to participate.

When I wrote in the other thread that FTB is always allowed, the premise I nested without spelling out based on the context of the thread, was in situations where FTB is permitted at all, which is to say sexual roleplay.

I am not clear on whether or not FTB is okay for torture.

I am okay with my character being tortured when it is appropriate. I have zero interest in reading graphic descriptions of gore, mutilation and everything else that goes with inflicting trauma on someone.

If there is not already an allowance for FTB for torture, I think that there should be so long as the player @notes some things in advance. Specifically that they will FTB torture, and that if their character is tortured they will reveal (A, B, F & Q but not L, R, & Z) for example.

Obviously the @notes would have been updated from time to time. If the character ends their relationship with L, or stops working for R then they might not be willing to die to protect that information.

Likewise, maybe the exception list could be linked to Endurance. The higher a character's endurance, the more they are allowed to add to the "will not tell" list.

I always ask people if they wish to RP torture or would prefer to FTB unless I know otherwise. I think its, at the very least, the polite thing to do to your fellow players. Regardless or not of it being required by policy or not, this is something that we as a community can agree on.

There's been times when I've personally strongly protested torture RP (as a victim), and other times when I've been A-OK about it (also as the victim.) I think it takes a certain level of trust with your captor/antag to be able to enjoy the scene and not have it just be gratuitously gruesome violence pornography, which, frankly, I'm totally not interested in.

I will say, though, that from a RP perspective, people willing to play along with not-nice things happening to their character goes a long way to showing good faith and it not turning into "Oh, here's some no-sell, time to use the kill verb and minimize the lost time." There's been times when people have avoided vats through RP, and I'm relatively certain I've done so myself on at least one occasion.


I appreciate that perspective. I have gone along with some scenes where my character ended up dying in the end for the sake of RP and giving their tormentor some time to embellish it. While I knew my character most likely wasn't going to walk away, I felt it important to be a good sport about the whole thing.