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Gaming on a time budget
If I could have your attention for a minute

I'm returning to Sindome because my last and first character was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. Hell, that ended so dramatically I had to take a couple of months for my feelings to die down.

Anyway, my life has changed somewhat, and I don't so much have the long bursts of free time I used to. I now have a free bit every now and then, but it's an hour at most during the week. On the weekends I'm more available, but that's a different story.

You see, I'm considering returning to the game, but the fact that to do things in a decent manner IC take so much time is kinda psyching me out. On the other hand, I remember that some people played on their phone, and it was alright. Playing on my android would be something I'd have to do a lot, so I'm wondering how well that works.

I guess I'd like to hear from people who play but don't have much time available, learn how you do it.

Oh, and if this thread needs to be moved or anything, that's fine by me.

Self discipline and expectation management.

Suggest you read the guilt thread ( because: you will play when you have time, and you will budget your time depending on how much you have to spare, and where your priorities lie in life. And you will probably have a tough time sticking to your guns, because the game tends to stick in your mind like a jellybean does in your teeth. But another big battle can be trying to handle the fact that some people will ICly or OOCly make you feel like you aren't spending enough time playing/giving them what they need. Don't give in, but try to change your RP so you don't leave them hanging. It's never enough, but...try.

Damn, thanks for the fast answer. I'm not really afraid of the game taking over my life, I'm just not sure if my life has enough time for me to contribute properly.

I guess I can shape the character I create to fit with my life. Honestly, I know that the fact that I'm discussing this means that I've already convinced myself to do it all over again, so I just have a question: Do you have a fast method to pick the names for you character's story? Last time was a bitch.

There, that wasn't so hard now was it?

Really? You really had to pull out lmgtfy? C'mon, I was trying to be dramatic.
I go to Wikipedia, I look at the article for today's date, and I look at the section of the article where it talks about "persons born" and "deaths" on this date. You get over a hundred names of people from all over the world. Read till one strikes you. Hey! Now you have an ethnicity for the person too.

Or if you want to START with ethnicity, read the wikipedia article on that country, and go to the "persons from" section and look at names till one strikes you.

Also, 73K, welcome back to the game, I'm sure smeone who RP'd as intensely as you say you did before the ending of your last character can really bring it again, and I hope our characters meet.

Year before last, I played about forty minuts in the morning anf forty minites a lot of nights. My character did a LOT of bizz and RP over gridmail, quick SICs and Progia messages. So consider whether there's a certain kind of character you can think of where you can spend your midweek in-game time furthering his or her agenda effectively this way, setting up your weekend face-to-face sessions for maximum intensity. For my character, it was freelance work, and after a time gettning set-up with contacts, friends, anfd referrers/recommenders, this guy had more work than he could even handle, and was sharng the wealth with others, bringing other characters in on some of the deals to pick up some of the productivity, work, pay and RP. All via midweek messages and weekend long sessions.

Good luck, hope to cross your path IC.

Read that as "long(er) sessions on the weekend", not "sessions lasting all weekend long".
Yeah, well, I'm definitely giving it another shot. I'll devote today to creating the character and then whatever happens, happens.

And I'll definitely try and bring back the effort that I put into my last (and unfortunately short-lived) character.

Thanks to all of you.
I'll answer the android question.When I started SD, I spent two months playing it from my android at home and work (read over six hours a day.) The hardest parts are: long character descriptions, long room descriptions, and fast things like driving and combat. Also, clients tend to shut down randomly especially if they get a lot of info too quickly. Oh, and commercials have A tendency to take up the entire screen. It is entirely doable. It just takes some getting used to.
I have one more piece of advice about limited play time: Don't shack up and live together with another character.
Why do you recommend that?
Because one person will always be unconscious and it makes for bringing other RP back to your apartment rather inconvenient and risky for them.

It's like taking on the responsibility of a pet that can't fend for themselves.

Nah, it wasn't that.

The TWO main reasons I wouldn't shack up if I were concerned about play availability and limited time is:

(A) moosex takes so long that there wouldn't be time to do ANYTHING else with the character. There goes ALL your IC goals, there goes all the time you could be spending pursuing them.

(B) when you aren't around, your IC roommate(s) itch and when you do log in, there's a backlog of THEIR pent-up issues for you to receive and react to. Again, it totally derails your own agenda for your own character.

Ooops sorry for the blankpost.

(A) FTB terf!

(B) doesn't stop from shacking up with people with similar RP times.

But I agree, as long as you don't all have separate rooms, shacking up with people is not so great. Especially if you have rent to share.

You could just you know...not MOOsex? Like FluffyBunny said, FTB terf! But, in general relationship sorta stuff can take time away from real RP. But, it's true if your character lives with another character, you end up RPing with that character a lot. Which, can sometimes impede goals or create boredom.
So, just like RL SOs can distract you from your life goals IRL?
Exactly like that, Johnny.