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Guided: Cooperative Competition
Guided Dicsussion 02/16/22 @ 6PM DST

Hey Folx,

I'll be holding a guided discussion on 'Cooperative Competition' on Thursday Feb 16th at 6PM DST. If you'd like to take part in this discussion the only thing you need to do is sign in and you'll be able to join the guided discussion channel at the appropriate time.

For anyone who hasn't taken part in one of these before, it is much less structured than the town hall discussions. We'll treat it more as a round table. I'll answer what questions I can, and provide my own thoughts, but these aren't intended to be simply me (or admin) answering questions. It's really for all of us to get together and discuss a topic.

Looking forward to chatting!

-- S

Just a reminder that this will be tonight at 6PM DST.
I admit I didn't really like guided discussions at first, felt initially they were too wild to really discuss anything. However I feel like they've actually gotten quite good lately, it's still kind of chaotic but that free form probably lets people jump in where they might not otherwise.

I'm historically skeptical about Cooperative Competition as a concept, but I didn't feel nearly as much so after reading everyone else's thoughts. The @rewind is probably going to be daunting but I think there was some really good stuff that everyone brought up that is worth it for others to check out.

Thanks everyone for participating!

For anyone who wants a web log, you can read the guided discussion here:

We covered a lot, including Cooperative Competition but we diverted to discussing shrouds/disguise for a fair amount of time, increasing corporate crime, the divide, and other stuff. It was a great convo.