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Have you ever . . .
Done some stupid shit like this

Have you ever . . .

. . . realized that you would like something in your pad off Lamb's Wake Drive and then switched tabs to search for it on Amazon . . . fuuuuuuuuck.

Sometimes I've written 'say' at the beginning of a text message before realizing and deleting it.
Holy shit I do that too Svet!!!!

And sometimes I put full stops at the start of descriptions when I am writing things.

Also, I have used slang IRL more than I want to admit.. like at work.

I almost said something, in character, to several important coworkers. I played a hardcore ganger at the time so let's just say it was less than appropriate.
The closest I've come to fantasy / reality crossover was from GTA 4.

I had been stealing a lot of taxi cabs in the game. They were the perfect balance of speed and handling. And they were everywhere and always available.

I was standing outside of the local bar with a few friends when a taxi cab pulled up to the stoplight. I literally took a step off of the curb towards it and then caught myself.

No, But does anyone else have to log in like twice after logging out just to make sure you REALLY locked your doors?

I have done that so many times. I say scan to everyone non-stop.


Can Confirm