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Having trouble getting nyen
Noob asking noob questions

So I have been doing both of the delivery quests whenever I can and hitting the weekly limit.

Doing the "need" anything things.

Now I am wondering if there is something more combat oriented stuff that actually pays the bills?

I know this is something I should be asking on the IC but, really how does one go about asking: "I want to hit/rob some people for nyen" ? I am also not playing a thug or criminal so that makes things bit more difficult.

Anyhow a noobs "guide to making nyen and what to do" would be super helpful for all people that start or they will be saving for 3 weeks buy something they later find out that they could have gotten for fraction of the cost.

Roleplay. Meet people. Use SIC. Sindome is about the RP. Income caps from automated sources are there to make sure people go out and RP with other characters to earn chyen.
Well, if there was a noob's guide, everyone would do what's in the guide and competition would make whatever was in the guide worth less and noobs would have to get creative to get ahead.

Might as well get creative without the noob's guide.

Having your character interact with other characters is going to be the way for your character to get clued about opportunities, risks, skills, tools, contacts, connections, goals, etc etc etc.

It's summed up in this post and some of the things linked from it:

Thanks! That helps a lot.
This is not going to sound helpful but its still true.

Lots of other people have come across this 'wall' before. The thing is that your approaching it wrong.

Chyen is a means to an end. The pursuit of chyen is a vehicle to fuel RP.

The weekly limit is to encourage player to leave behind the grind mentality and to engage in RP.

Its natural to want the shiny toys and want to engage in RP that might require chyen. And as a player you are going to be driven by a desire for more chyen for more RP enabling toys all the time though-out you're characters life.

However if you are new and by your question i suspect you are , then believe me there are plenty of cool things to explore and do with little or no chyen and lots of very cool RP hooks to engage in the persuit of what might seem a small amount of chyen.

In short enjoy your broke ass state, RP it, use it to drive your characters RP as its his/her/It motivation.

One more comment:

Money's good. However, winning at Sindome means you're getting a lot out of the roleplaying, for better or for worse. If you focus on both getting and giving good RP, the opportunities for earning, or losing, chyen (as well as gear, influence, connections, experience, knowledge, information, paydata, leverage) will follow.

Still starting as a new I cannot see the opportunities like the ones that have been around for years. I know there plenty for sure, but I made a very simple character who knows one single thing. Beating at things. :)

Thanks for all the answers but it's pretty much the same what I have been getting from RPing with people, I have few more ideas from this thread so I'll try those tomorrow or so.

The best source of money in the game are other players, not automated jobs. Work for them, steal from them, do a heist with them, start a small business together, etc.

Use your head, get creative and RP.

You're assuming that people have gained knowledge from being around for years. My first character learned how to gain chyen in their first week through talking with other players. There are plenty of avenues for both combat and non combat players but, they require effort and interaction. This isn't a linear "go here, do this, get paid" sort of game. It's involved it takes time, most of all it's about the roleplay with others.

Any character could only ever have enough chyen for some thrift shop clothes and a cube to cover their character's head and still get plenty of RP interactions without spending anything more if they put the effort into it.

Come for the RP, stay for the RP.

You can always rent your body's orifices for a fee...

Basically what everyone has said.

Automated jobs have a cap to force people to RP with the environment.

Hired jobs need RP and do come with expectations from the people hiring you.

The more you RP, the more opportunities to make money you'll have.

For the first week I tried to get myself signed up as a bodyguard to no avail. I guess I'll just keep on that track.

And no I am not going to rent my orifices to anyone :D

You should read @newbie. Specifically the section it has about speaking ICly. Also read help NPC I think it is or help npcs maybe. Either way, I think you're probably missing something in your interactions. Also, learn to use SIC to ask about job related stuff. Type help sic. SIC will be your most invaluable tool if you use it.
Thanks. I guess understanding how @add-note should be used might be helpful, but I'll keep popping my notes down there anyhow and talking to people, maybe I'll figure it out in few weeks.
About @notes.

Maybe use the site search function too, lots of board posts.

People good at beating things can have all sorts of jobs. Bouncers are needed. Agents in Red. Corporate Security. Bullet Stoppers (ie Bodyguards). Gang enforcer. Use SIC and use a bit of imagination.