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Help - Bored!
I think I'm doing something wrong!

Let me start of saying I really like Sindome. The game is just plain awesome. Unfortunately I've hit a rut. I am plain bored with my character. To be fair, I'm an impatient person and have only been working with this character for 5 weeks.

I get that character's are supposed to have goals but I am having a hard time with this. So far it has been simply to become "really god at doing X". This is a terrible goal as, based on my limited knowledge of the game, the only way to get better at X is to accumulate UE and stay alive. That just isn't fun. All the same, I just don't see any opportunities coming my way and and am having a hard time thinking of ways of making money/drama beyond "offering my services". Even there I fall short because my character just doesn't have the skill (or so I believe) to be worth paying (when compared to other characters.

Still, I've managed to drum up a little business but this has led to a measly 900 chyen and zero excitement. I just don't know how to take my character from "surviving the grind" to living a life of excitement. I know that this has to do with me not managing my character right but just don't know where to go with this. Hell, I don't even know where i COULD go with my character since I just don't know what can or can't be done (I have been asking IC about this but have had mixed results).

Part of my thinks my problem is that I created a character that is living a life that parallels my own too much and I am tempted to just try again with a new character but I keep wondering if I am letting my impatience and ADD get the better of me.

Any advice would be great!

You're not supposed to just live the grind, but I'm sure you get that.

'I get that character's are supposed to have goals but I am having a hard time with this. So far it has been simply to become "really god at doing X". This is a terrible goal as, based on my limited knowledge of the game, the only way to get better at X is to accumulate UE and stay alive. That just isn't fun. '

It is a terrible goal if you aim to merely have a certain descriptor on your stat sheet.

The reality of it is that skill level isn't the only thing that matters. It varies based on your craft - a good skill is much more relevant in some disciplines than in others - but being able to think outside of the box and leverage your services tends to be much more important. You can have all the UE in the world in a skill, if your character isn't applying themself then they might not be that attractive to work with over another.

My advise is to do yourself a favour and not immediately 'do-over'. If you're not happy with where you are, come up with an excuse and look for an IC reason to push your character in a new direction. Give them ambition. Get them out of their bubble. Being good at something doesn't mean anything if you can't take advantage of it and use it to stir up some RP. Look at this way; the worst thing that can happen if you start taking risks now is that your character dies, but that's inevitable anyway if you would otherwise just make a new character.

This will let you play with a character that already has some skills, but moreover it will let you see more aspects of the game. This will give you a better idea of what you enjoy and what you want to do with future characters, rather than jumping into a new character before you really even know what you're going to enjoy.

I agree. A week or two ago I tried this (can't go into details) and had some minor success. The trouble is that, from what I have seen, my archetype is very skill based. Is it giving away to much IC info if I mention my character's archetype? I would love to get some advice about what XXXX kind of characters might have for goals, RP opportunities for XXX characters and the like. Not trying to whine and I am not in a hurry to re-roll. A large part of this post is to keep my re-roll urge at bay...
Don't forget that much of your characters life will be taken up by things beyond his skills. Money can be earned by selling payday, for instance, or running crates, or fighting in UMC, or working a job based on a secondary skill while developing the primary. Your relationships with people make the days interesting, and your roleplay while you study your skill as well. Working on a stat...gym time or study or practicing people skills to develop charisma. Go beyond your job!
Heya Cnodel.

Don't worry. Everyone hits ruts.

My vague advice for a goal would be to decide on a position your character wants to achieve. Something difficult (Yes. Difficult. Dangerous. Risky.) Then strive for it. Let nothing get in your way. There are numerous factions in the game to join all of whom come with their own natural enemies and objectives to achieve if you can't think of your own. Many of them will require you to prove yourself before you can join them. All of this creates a journey and it is the journey that we live for.

Aim to win. Be prepared to lose. But then stand back up again and keep on pushing. Persistance pays.

Walk safe chummer. Good luck. And enjoy the ride.

'RP opportunities for XXX characters and the like. '

Where does your imagination stop?

A Decker might break into the systems that control the very operations of the Dome.

A chemist might start a drug revolution from the ground up distributing their product at the club-level and developing into a sprawling empire.

A combative type could do any number of things regardless of their ability, ranging from low end grunt work to high end private contracts. They might carve their name into the history books in violence, or with integrity and dependability.

An auto-tech doesn't have to sit and wait for people to come to them. Get creative. Get a crew together and start boosting shit. Start a chop-shop.

If your career relies on fixing peoples broken shit and shit ain't breaking, get a crew together and get that shit broken or steal it outright, then enjoy that biz funnelling back to you.

It's hard to offer 'some RP opportunities for XXXX character' because the opportunities are literally endless regardless of the skills you picked and don't even have to necessarily gravitate around your skills!

Also, much of your RP doesn't have to be based on your own skills at all.

Why did the character come to Withmore? What are they looking for? WHO can they use to find what they need / are looking for?

Who can they work for as side jobs to learn who's who and who could help them in the future?

Plus, go out and meet people. Find out what they know. Maybe they know someone that you might be able to use in the future to find or accomplish a goal?

Also, you're still so new at the game that if your character gets inspired to go in another direction, go for it. Example, Find something out and so decides to learn things both skill-wise and data-wise to find out how to get more info on that thing,

There's the thing as well on learning curve for the archetype. How long it usually takes to not only get decent at it but also get contacts and gear. Some take longer. That said, for the contacts and gear, that could take 1 week, or 3. Or a few months. All depends on you going out and meeting them and creating contacts (or paying for who's who). Skills will help in some ways, but they are not necessarily needed for many things.

Also, reread your history that you created for your character.

There should've been some goals and interests there that you can seek out.

Expand on those and even make some new ones.

What is in your dark and secret (or not so dark but still secret) past that brings you to Withmore?

There's no edit. But, don't answer that.

It's just something to get you thinking. Plus use information in game (word of mouth, on the grid, news, etc) to develop more possible RP channels or possible alignment to goals.

At some point with my character, I reached the same point as you did now. I almost did re-roll my character.

However, I decided that instead of re-rolling my character, I should try and RP more ambitiously.

Like many people mentioned above, I reviewed my character's goals and made new ones. Ones that may seem almost impossible, but the thing that's so wonderful about SD is that it's a game where almost anything is possible. So after making a goal, I started to think up ways to achieve it. On the way to achieving this goal, my character was able to bump into a lot of other characters and get sidetracked. (That's called RP) You can either:

a) Stash away your character's master plan and go along the side path until it ends and you get bored. Then, walk back to your main path and continue along with your main character's goal.

b) Continue along your path ambitiously to achieve your character's main goal.

Who knows? Maybe you'll never get to your character's goal in the end if you keep getting sidetracked, but you'll get warped up into other people's goals, having a lot of excitement while doing so.

On the way to achieving your character's big dream/goal, you may also have smaller goals planned out to help.

e.g Don't have enough money? Start planning to get the money.

When you earn your money (through RP ideally), you can proceed to part 2 of your goal.

Lacking experience or knowledge? Using your character, connect with others to get useful information and contacts. (You may need backup. Who knows?)

Don't have a goal and have no idea what to do, but you still want to RP? Ideally, you should squeeze a goal out, but if you can't. Share a goal with another character.

e.g X gets close to XB and proves his loyalty, gaining XB's trust. Now, X will help XB with achieving all his goals (like a string puppet, but you can't come up with your own goal so don't complain. When you do though, break free from the strings!).

Don't know how to start achieving your character's crazy goal? Get advice ICly from a character your character trusts. Or find out through different and more shady means that you can come up with...

Also remember: Skills/Stats do not mean everything! You can always bluff...

RP fearlessly and take risks! I mean, you're already considering re-rolling, right? So what's the worst that could happen?

Diani makes a very good point. Breaking a larger goal down into many short-term goals is not only sound advice in RP, it works with everything. Setting smaller goals gives you focus and lets you see that you're getting results.
"maybe my character's life parallels my own too much"

Definitely, don't try to play your self. Boor-rinnng. (Speaking from experience.) Or someone too much like yourself, that is. Naturally of course every character is going to have some of their player in them, but, playing someone who's not me and is frankly intended to be not-like me in important ways pays off.

I think one symptom of this which I honestly think hampers a lot of characters in their IC progress, relationships and goal-seeking is a bleed from the player's own human decency. I see a lot of characters who won't lie, won't cheat, won't steal, won't swindle, won't employ violence or won't employ someone else who will employ violence on their behalf. I also am convinced that this tendency to try to go against theme correlates VERY strongly with player boredom.

(Cyberpunk is not about personal integrity and uncorruptibility. Someone who won't allow their character to make morally dubious choices and potentially harm or take advantage of others with their actions is NOT going to get the most out of the game.)

Dare to have your character do things you might not do in real life. Not only will the difference in progress be amazing, the difference in your rleplay and gamelay experiences will also be amazing. Fluffybunnyism isn't thrillng and isn't competitive.

Also, if you haven't seen it, there's the "How Do You Progress In The Game" topic.

Linked from there are the regular old "Tips For..." topics which everyone probably (hopefully) has seen, which talk about goals. The chat log refers to the "all the UE in the world" idea too - how being codedly good at something isn't a magic bullet for anything.

Linked from there is the thing I wrote on TMC once about "experience" in this game: and the reason I point it out again is that it includes an idea referred to above, which is that you can tag along with someone else's goals too, if you aren't yet in full swing with your own. Getting invovled with someone else's conflict or drama or caper or faction-building can pay off for your character all by itself, but it will also provide you with active, directed RP at a time when your own character's direction seems to be stale.

Last thing: I also encourage you to stick with the current character instead of re-rolling, if you like the idea that he or she already has some weeks' worth of UE earned and invested. There's probably a way to make this character's story come to life.

Or not. If you're truly stuck on this one and don't see a way forward at all, a plan to re-roll is totally fine. However, I do like the idea of planning it. Stir shit, dare to be bold, EARN your cyberpunk exit. It should be fun as hell and it will expose you to parts of the game, both coded and not, which you wouldn't otherwise experience if you didn't dare to "play to lose". To paraphrase Diani, play to lose because you've already given up, right? And Slither also has talked about "playing to lose". It is one of the most generous things a player can give to the RP enjoyed by others. And that's really what we're here for. Give RP to get RP.

Scroll down to Jun 9, 2014 5:10 PM in, which is a somewhat similar topic to this one.

See the discussion about how week-old characters are able to generate wild RP despite their coded inexperience. One doesn't even have to be a veteran player, new players have made this kind of thing happen too.

As someone who has done a LOT of both (playing to win, and playing to lose) I can assure you that playing to win will always be very boring.

If this is the box [ ] <--- Then WAAAAY over here ----> Is where all the fun is. Try thinking outside the box.