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HK Protest Coverage
Vice News

Vice news has been doing great reporting on what's going on in Hong Kong over the last few months. Their images are worth watching.

What I find most interesting is the gear the protesters are wearing. The various helmets and masks. Gloves to pick up the tear gas and throw it back.

I love Vice, they always cover topics with little to no shame on what it is they're covering, and always at least seem to try and give a somewhat unbiased and objective opinion on whatever's going down.
That last link sucks. Sorry.

This should be better

To me this personifies The Divide here in current times. At some point this is going to go really bad for the protesters. Not at all unlike what happens when the WJF finally decides that they've had enough.

I saw this picture on Reddit. I imagine it's the same exact smile a Judge has under his helmet as he unloads on a Mixer.

Not a huge fan of Vice's history but that's a whole 'nother conversation.

This is probably one of my favorite photos of the protests...the big iphone billboard, the new lenses looking down.



Hong Kong is a rather bleak illustration of the delay of generational cause and effect, a flashpoint of civil strife over political decisions made before many of the protestors were even born, by people who are, in many cases, all now dead.

Also that triune phone camera just looks dystopian.

The Hong Kong situation makes me sad. ☹️