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How to Help / Involve New Players
Resources and discussion

Some resources to review:

(BGBB POST) Ease them newbie blues:

(BGBB POST) Biggest hurdles for new players:

(Youtube Video) Utilizing Newbies:

(Youtube Playlist) Learning Sindome:

Now that we've got the required reading (and watching) out of the way... let's discuss how we can make the lives of new players easier.

xgame This is important. Show them xgame. Answer questions on xgame. Be nice! They are new.

@newbie Point them to this important resource!

help theme Help them find help files.

newbie videos Point them to the Learn Sindome playlist on Youtube!

@tutorial We have several tutorials that teach basics of speaking and emoting. Point them to these tutorials!

What other resources did you find useful as a new player? What other assistance was rendered to you? What are some general (no direct IC info) ways you can utilize new characters in ways that benefit you, increase RP, and help new players learn the game?

-- S

I'd stress patience when playing with newbies. There's a lot to learn and it can be confusing, especially to people who haven't ever played muds/moos.

Try and keep them interacting and engaged is another thing to consider. If you're a brooding mano/mona, that's ace, but you want them to be interested not feeling like they should just head off to another game because everyone is so much of a jerk, they don't feel welcomed. Also Interaction helps to not feel like you're sitting around. Which for newbies it can totally feel like that imo.