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Hypothetical Sindome Film
Who would you choose to direct?

Basically as the title/subtitle says. Watching several different films lately got me thinking about different directors and how their varying styles would apply to a film set in the Sindome universe.

Who do you think would be best to direct such a motion picture? Do you think different directors would be better suited to stories centred around different character archetypes?

Have at it - discuss!

There's an excellent thread about this...but Sindome would shot like the following...

An HBO Series.

Each episode follows an individual character for the duration of there clone life. At the end - they die. Maybe at the beginning they emerge from the vats.

There are consistent characters, themes, and overall plots but its easy to lose sight of compared to the things that only matter to the character the current episode is based on.

A different directory films each episode. Sometimes the medium changes, i.e. anime, stop motion, film. Style is always different.


I remember talking about the whole idea of writing up a pilot for HBO back in the day. I want to say it was with Kevlar. The whole idea for it center around an immy first coming into the dome. Honestly, I always thought it was a great idea, we just never followed through.
As long as Jason Stathem plays a major roll, I'm cool with however Sindome would be filmed.
Somewhere I have the titles for each episode. Episode #1 is titled, The Immigrant. The second is The Law because he's investigating the death in the first episode ...
@Reefer that almost sounds like that movie Crash from a few years back. Different stories that are inevitably intertwined and eventually come to a startling conclusion that involves them all.
We definitely wanted the episodes to overlap with the various points of view that might be at play, yes.
The immy coming into the dome is the theme for my next book. In part inspired by the original thread.

Also: if it were a movie my director choices:

- Joss Whedon

- Ridley Scott

- Robert Rodriguez

I'd like to see it as something like Pulp Fiction; a series of stories surrounding characters which interact in strange ways. Each is their own character, each has their own story, and their stories just cross paths as the movie continues.

The Immy struggling to find work.

He meets the Corp who needs a job done, of the not so legal variety. Follow the Immy to the job, until something goes wrong, and he bites it at the hands of the Doc he was trying to off. Follow the Doc as they try and figure out who called a hit on them. And so on and so on.

As for the actual director, some kind of bastard lovechild of Ridley Scott and Tarintino.

Curt5 wrote:

until something goes wrong, and he bites it at the hands of the Doc he was trying to off.

Or, is saved by the Doc he was trying to off and now they work together since the Corpie who hired said immy was offed, and now time is running out and it seems one Corporation is behind it... blah blah action / drama / thrills. ;) (Why is the Doc the target?)