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im sick bye
i have the consumption (not really)

actually its pneumonia!! life is full of surprises and exciting new adventures. for example, today i discovered a cool new sound my lungs can make.

im going to be gone for a few weeks! its not serious. but probably dont count on Lucky being around b/c i dont feel like doing anything that requires more thought and effort than say, watching movies, or having an identity crisis.

love amika

sorry to hear that your unwell. I hope you feel better soon and come back when your in a better place.

I for one have really enjoyed our RP and think your absence is going to be a loss.

All the best, get well soon.


*codes pneumonia in game and infects all the players*

Just kidding. Get well soon.

My best wishes and prayers go to you.

Get well and get back, we like Lucky ;)