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Interest in a (IRL) Sindome Weekend?
We used to do these, but haven't in a while

Search the BGBB for 'MooBash' or 'MOO Bash' and you will find that when we were a smaller community, we used to host a MOO Bash every year. One was up in Canada, one was in Boston at my place. Basically just an excuse for us all to get together, party, and chill.

I'd love to do something like that but a bit more structured, at a neutral location (like a camp site) or hotel. The main blocker is availability of people. Cost is a non-issue if it's at a campsite as I know some we could rent for a weekend and not break the bank. We'd have to plan it well in advance. 6-12 months.

Personally, I like the idea of doing it Friday Evening to Sunday @ Lunch, having Live Action game(s) that people could play and then doing a real life Town Hall meeting. With lots of socializing in between.

I'd be interested in knowing what level of interest there is for this among the players.

Random idea for a game I would run: The campsite would be 'San Mara'.

Everyone would play someone that lives in San Mara. Every now and then people from the Dome would show up. Raiders would attack and the town would have to be defended. Maybe the jakes show up and wreck some shit and have to be driven away... other NPCs from the game would drop in as they have biz in San Mara. There would be an overall story arc of things that have to be done to save the town, it would be great! It would be an awesome look at life in the Badlands.

What are the interest levels for planning something like this 6-12 months in advance? Would people come to the Boston area for a weekend to take part, if I organized it? The costs involved would be mostly related to travel + food. I'd probably create a GoFundMe or something for people to contribute to, if we decided to move forward with it.

Thoughts? Interest? Feedback?

This is a very very early stage thing that I have been toying with for a while. No promises it ever happens.

-- S

I'd fucking LOVE to do that, xD.

I'm from germany, though. Getting to the US would be a bit hard, I think. With Donald 'Pussygrabber' Trump as President. Or not? I dunno, really. But I'd love to take part if I somehow manage to get money to get there.

That would be glorious. I've never done actual LARP but I've always wanted to try it.

(Sindome's my first experience with RP, period.)

Anyways, I would seriously consider attending.

I would love to but as mentioned it's travel costs for me + the fact it's a weekend in a country I've been too before.

If I can win the lottery, rob a bank or something to pay for stuff I would probably try my damn best to attend though.

I would love to do this. My old MUD had an annual convention that is, honestly, the only thing I miss about it.

Love the LARP element, but I'd say -definitely- make it optional (by putting it to a certain area) for people whose nerd level is high enough to play a MOO but NOT high enough to put in a colored contact to fake a CyberEye and spend a weekend addressing everyone as 'baka'.

*Resorts to illicit organ-harvesting*
What's "San Mara" though? A place in-game that I'm not aware of, or is that the actual name for that scenario?

(Which should answer your question.)

I really like the sentiment behind this idea, but wouldn't in theory this be an excellent opportunity for players to exchange contact information and later share IC knowledge between them, which is clearly against the rules?

I mean, how would you prevent this from happening with the exception of the 'honor system' which has proven not to work in the past in multiple instances.

This sounds like a good time. Going off the sparse OOC chat I've had here, everyone seems really cool & nice. Maybe it could be more focused around theme/general shenanigans/aforementioned LARPing versus spilling IC info?
If you're only going to share IC info then you're a dick. It's simple enough for you to attend an event, make friends and not share IC info. If folk do end up sharing it then that's their own fault and they should be aware off the consequences.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This is a super fun idea. Maybe you could use analytics or post responses or town hall polling or website polling to figure out a location though...because not everybody is going to be able to get to Boston.

Or maybe have it coincide with/just after a huge CON that other people might take time off work/plan logistically to attend.

Or maybe do a regional node thing and then have each node set up a webcam or call-in or something (like teleworking or teleBashing)

Or ignore me because I'm pretty sure that since the Chitown crew stopped actively playing, I haven't really been to a MOObash!

I may or may not work for a hotel company and can assist with meeting space if this ever gets traction.
I would definitely consider it, sounds like a blast and a great chance to connect to the community. I am unsure about the larping, having played many RPG's and definitely honed on cyberpunk, dieselpunk and some other sci-if tropes; not sure if we'd be up for playing as opposed to watching, which definitely. I know we'd be keen to dawn costume and garb, and possibly even create themed food like rat kabobs.. But it all depends on timing for us, have 2 businesses to run and possibly a baby on the way finally, so baby would be easily planned but work can only plan about a month in advance and no further. Boston is a bit over 10hrs away, but I agree if there was something else happening around that time as well, would make the venture much more plausible, not that I wouldn't like to go anyways, but it is hard to take time away, the more reason the better the chance; and if some other kind of event was going on, I could persuade a week instead of a weekend. ;)

There is certain OOC data that is considered general knowledge in game. This stuff is in the SD wiki and your character may or may not have heard about it through rumors, reading, etc. - stuff like the different councils, cities & towns, drugs, weapons & vehicles.

San Mara:

(& you know by now no doubt since I see the dates.)

As for this bash, it sounds interesting.

I can't say whether or not I could attend, but LARPing can be quite fun.

Just think...we could play Mix Dice, and maybe make the generic 'WORD' immigration t-shirts for shits and giggles!
Where would the best location be to have a convention like this logistically?

I'd totally go. The MUD I used to play had these and it was always a great time.

I vote Colorado.


Have it in Detroit, we're already a cyberpunk dystopia!
Colorado would be good. Could find a place to camp pretty easy, and I'd be down to host a bunch of nerds at my house.