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Jobs and roles for new players?
If a thread for this already exists please link it!

I started playing recently and I already enjoy the game a good deal. I love that basic jobs like crate delivery exist in game to give new players some income, but I am starting to want more than that.

I am wondering what sort of roles/jobs/skill specializations are good for new players? Something I'd love to play is something that is in high demand or useful to other players, and I have humored the idea of doing a doctor type for that reason, but I am unsure and open to feedback!

There are entry-level roles for all the archetypes listed here:

That said, having a job isn't going to necessarily create meaningful opportunities for you. I've seen skill-less guttersnipes finesse there way into chyen and well-situated chummers squander there worth.

If you want something high-demand - it is probably best to go with bare-bones transactional experiences. A Medic or Cab Driver are two great examples of these but there are a ton of jobs constantly being requested. Some of them don't even require a particular skill set. After listening to SIC for a little bit, you will get a better feel for supply and demand in the job market.

As a new player, I recommend focusing on meaningful interaction by exploiting what might be otherwise transactional in these roles and jobs. That is where the magic happens.

You might consider checking out the Surviving Withmore guide dispensed at the gate and then asking about specific jobs mentioned in it. Some characters are paid to help you get settled, and they're more than happy to talk you through your options!
You're going to hear the phrase 'find out in character' (or FOIC) often. Unlike most (or all) other games, outside of help files and the general guidance given to new players to help them start out, most of what you learn about the in-character world is meant to be learned in-character (IC).

However there are several characters in-game whose job it is to help new players learn about the game and give them guidance, so that's probably the best place to start.

The best thing you can offer as a new player is not skills, but engagement and roleplay. Your interactions with other players are going to be much more relevant to them than whatever you spent UE on.

Aside from some skill pitfalls, I would recommend chosing an archetype that interests you personally, rather than one that might be strictly more powerful or flexible. It's really common for characters to be fairly diversified in their skills, so you're not locked into doing or being good at just one thing.

So I looked through that Surviving Withmore book and it lists some options, and I'm told it takes up to a week to hear back about them when applying? Some of them need resumes too and I don't think my history alone will provide a useful reference.

I'd use my skills without a job but I don't know how or whether I need equipment since the help files don't say. I thought if I got a job that needed the relevant skill it would be explained or something.

A lot of this you can ask in-character on pubSIC. Not everyone will be helpful, but you'll probably get the answers and guidance you're looking for from someone!
Check out the hot jobs list here =>

Some of those jobs might not be available to players or up to date, but that list gives you a decent notion of possible jobs inside the game that your character might want to pursue.

But like it was already mentioned the best information can be found inside the game.

My advice would be, don't get too attached to you first few characters and instead use them to gain game world experience over a few months.

Hopefully you won't walk into the usual newbie pitfalls but its all part of the learning experience.

Also please read thoughtfully @rules, @newbie, help files, video tutorials, etc. There are plentiful resources for new players which usually aren't taken advantage off.

Those job listings on the feed are not at all reflective of IC reality.

Only three of them would be accessible to new characters (and are not necessarily open at the moment), and most of them don't exist at all.

You're only going to find accurate and up-to-date job information IC.

Finding a viable job is possibly one of the more difficult questions of Sindome that should drive a player to RP, and by RP I mean actually socializing and doing active listening with people, which is much, much harder than it sounds.

This isn't really limited to just newbies too. I've been around this one time where staff just destroyed an entire moneymaking enterprise because they felt things were being too consistent and easy.

Don't feel discouraged if you feel unemployed as a newbie. I think everyone, even the biggest, baddest solos, have to spend some time jobless here and there.

"this one time". Lol.

Raise your hand if you've tried to pull a new player into a plot, or give them some work that would act as a launchpad for RP, and they responded with some variety of... "Uh. Yeah. Maybe if I have time after I run my crates."

Just to speak for myself as the newbie OP here, I haven't turned down a plot to run crates. I'd sooner drop the crate and pay the fee than miss out on a plot or a meaningful job.
Echoing elysian's answer here.
Not to be contrarian here, but I actually asked staff about the job postings on the front page and was told by Johnny that every one of those job positions are codedly present and available. It might simply take RP and/or skill investment to get into them.


I do want to be positive here and say that now that I have played a bit, and even in the time since posting, I am seeing more opportunities pop up that are intriguing.

All of that said, what I am now finding challenging is fitting my initial character concept to the setting, and finding my character isn't super desirable or employable, etc. It's just a bummer and I would have very much loved to have seen the content in Surviving Whitmore available before I made my character or the like so that I could have planned better. It's not a big deal, I'll just know better when I make my next character!

Elysian, 'noob' or entry-level positions with places that typically hire immies fully understand that you probably aren't going to be some hard-edged min/max character for that one thing. The total amount of UE you start with is basically only equivalent to a few weeks of training anyways, so don't feel like you've 'lost' anything of any significant time investment.

Just roll with it, get into what interests you OOCly so that you won't find yourself bored to tears a few weeks into a career, and have fun RPing!

They may be codedly present but Saedor Krupp, Nito-Kodak and PrimeSoft have all been inactive since I began playing. From what I recall, characters applying to them are directed elsewhere.

The last time some of those NLM jobs were advertised was seven years ago, I suspect some of them are defunct.

Not to get too off-topic, but I did always wonder why SK wasn't a 'playable' corp.

I wonder if it's because there's no enough population topside to warrant it, or some other reason. I wouldn't think NeoTrans exported/created enough content to merit it being playable, but someone with more perspective may correct me.

One thing that has been on my mind since the time of posting this is Decking/Hacking. There are warnings left and right about it not being newbie friendly but it intrigues me, could someone please explain why decking is not newbie friendly in detail so that I can decide if I want to try it?
It's not that the archetype is not newbie-friendly, but rather that decking is reliant on a legacy system (Grid 2.0) that's been scheduled to be replaced (Grid 3.0). Until that happens, there's limited coded support for decking-related mechanics.

Thanks so much, definitely cannot wait for this update then.
You should wait. Or you might asphyxiate.
Nothing beats good ol' lying to get a job.
Fake it till you make it, baby.