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Languages and countries
characters should already know languages of their country

Is it much more realistic of a character who comes from France speak french or from China speak Chinese instead of having to re-learning it in the city?

I believe that it is possible to have a character start with a native language other than English but this needs to have GM approval and they will need to make it happen for you. I have never done this myself but I am guessing that you can xhelp them during character creation with the request.

Also, here is some info about the languages in the Sindome world:

Fluency in a language costs a lot of UE.

Most roleplaying takes place in English.

First-time brand-new players don't need obstacles to learning the game, and roleplaying is the way to learn the game.

Veterans who are making a new character can xhelp and ask for options. They might not like the options presented (which are costly, since UE isn't free), and they might be told No (for a variety of reasons).

So, everyone making a new foreign character needs to be prepared to not yet have access to the coded language they think makes sense, until they spend some UE.

People do it all the time. It's not hard to come up with a reason why your foreign character either doesn't know that language or isn't that good at it.

As an aside, 'help language' clarifies that there are a ton of languages spoken by people in Withmore City, but that it's pared down to eight to not be a coding or RP nightmare. Neither French nor Chinese is an option. So sure, your French character knows French and your Chinese character knows Chinese. You can RP that without ever actually mechanically speaking it.

Because those languages aren't coded languages, that is. If their native language would be one of the coded ones- Russian, Japanese, Farsi, Tagalog, Euro, or Spanish- you'd have to come up with a reason they don't understand it until you can spend enough UE ICly to change that.

Really? I always thought that the world's languages hand melded to the eight coded languages and that we should only ever use non-english words or phrases for flavor regardless of the language. Thank's for enlightening me!

"I always thought that the world's languages hand melded to the eight coded languages and that we should only ever use non-english words or phrases for flavor regardless of the language."

This is very well said. Please do not speak real languages in your RP. Flavor words and phrases are welcome. For example, If you want a French speaking character, make due with Euro so in game terms there is an actual chance that someone else will overhear wtf you said. Pepper their speech with commonly known words of french origin and lay on your accent!