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Moo Down?
(don't) PANIC!

Is the Moo down?

It appears so.

What should we do?

Keep an eye on this post for updates.

When will it be back up?

It should be back up soon™. Please be patient.

Can I panic?

Please don't.

(Edited by Mench at 1:47 am on 1/22/2022)

Well! Less panic now that I know its a known issue.
*keeps hitting refresh*
Can I panic yet?
This makes everything better. Thank you for sharing your wonderful child Butako.

The gods have awakened and the game is back online.

- We believe we found a bug was found in the server code which caused the server to crash

- We went down at roughly 1:30am PST

- Last checkpoint was at 12:00am PST

- We lost ~1.5 hours

- Anything that happened during that time never happened.


- [done] MOO back online

- [done] Logs reviewed

- [done] FB post made

- [done] coffin people in unsafe areas

- [done] bgbb post made

- [in progress] replicate issue on dev server and create patch

- [future] discuss how often we checkpoint w/ Johnny

MOO Down

From the same issue as before.

Will anything be retconned or lost?

No, we had a checkpoint just before it went down. Nothing has been lost.

When will it be back up?

Right now.

Will this keep happening?

We are currently working with the ToastStunt developers on a long term solution, and some short term protections have been put in place, but this may happen rarely like it happened today by accident.

We surfaced the issue to the ToastStunt devs after Mirage and I replicated and nailed it down. The devs for ToastStunt have released an update that fixes the issue. We are testing it on our dev servers and will update production at some point in the near future so we don't encounter this server crashing error again. TBD on when we do the update but it should only account for ~10 min of downtime if all goes well.