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Most Important Thing For New Characters
"Click here for ONE SPECIAL TRICK to get ahead!"

We've had a cohort of new players recently, which always brings new life to the game but also a period of adaption of people figuring out SD's sometimes frustrating idiosyncrasies. With that comes a pretty standard set of BB posts about common new character complaints relating to flash, dipping, jobs and the like. The unstated question is always "what do I need to do to get past the first few weeks on a character?"

The single most important thing a new character can do is find a mentor.

I mean "mentor" broadly: a more experienced character who can show you the ropes and help you out. This is doubly or triply important for a player who is new to the game. A person playing their first or second character should ABSOLUTELY NOT try to go it alone by playing a disagreeable loner or someone with difficulty forming attachments to others.

A mentor doesn't need to be a samurai sensei. In fact, my experience is that single most common "mentor" character is a lover. HELP CHASTITY aside, that IC trade off tends to be easy to understand and that's a person with an investment in your character's happiness. Almost as common are bosses, friends, or any of the PCs who act as shadowy "patrons" of some ideological cause or another.

Mentor characters help blunt a lot of the difficulty of being a new character or a new player. They provide access to a network of friends, usually have flash to replace trivial losses like a dipped phone, can connect people to plots and factions and usually either are strong enough or have friends who are strong enough to deter some of the predatory violence which targets characters in the "two weeks to two months" zone where they have enough flash and gear to rob but not enough skill or smarts to protect it.

Most of all, mentors -- whether they are teachers, lovers, co-workers or gang associates -- are a resource to answer the frustrating "how do I do this" questions ICly. A lot of things in Sindome are IC secrets that aren't terribly secret; people won't answer the questions on pubSIC but will happily answer it in bed or over a beer. Having a mentor you trust is how to get over that curve, and even if they betray you that ends up being great RP.

The TLDR is this: do not try to go it alone. You, the player, are the arbiter of your character's choices. Make choices that cause your character to become connected to someone more experienced and then lean on them for the first few weeks and months until you can stand on your own and do the same to someone else who has just come through the gate. Not only does that create a lot more RP it builds the social networks that drive the politics and economy of the game.

Best thing you can really do is approach experienced people and say 'hey, I would like to do this, how can I do that?' They might be a little aloof IC, but it all feeds RP and you'll get good experience from it.
+1 Pavane.

Having a mentor your first time in the game, or even the fifteenth, is a great thing. Just be aware that your mentor is likely going to take advantage of your character in their own ways.

Expect to be (hopefully lightly) exploited as part of a trade off for that knowledge sharing (not basic gameplay stuff.) One of the most core things about SD is that knowledge is power, so don't expect to get it freely, and don't give it freely. Help your newbie, teach them the game, but don't simply data dump all over them. Let them explore the game, find out it's secrets, dig into it's dark recesses. That's part of the thing that retains a player after the honeymoon phase has worn off.

My very first day I was exploited in let's call it the illegal sportsgear trade. Totally fine with it, figured it was just their way of showing me about a job system.

I have literally cold called folks, travelled to bars on the whim of where is the party, used nearly 2k of private sic credit talking to folks, engaged publicly on the sic, walked all over the damn town. Participated in RP, participated in creative endeavors. Played with the grid, learned how wonky and finicky it can be.

Bro if effort meant anything, if RP meant anything I feel like I wouldn't be struggling as hard as I am.

I hate to sound disillusioned but I'm fucking disillusioned.

To be totally honest I was gonna type up some IC shit similar to what my dude already did and I couldn't find the motivation. It seems like till you get a few months of UE and @assign UE stats and skills under your belt, you literally are worthless.

Now I have had some success and some fun shit happen, but it's 90% boredom and hustle and 10% success. Maybe that's by design, but I'm not having fun. I'm going to have to either probably switch my character up and try something more entertaining or just call this a loss and go back to playing Escape from Tarkov while I answer folks chats at my day job.

Some of you are awesome, some of you come across as elitists. Thanks for all the good RP so far from those who tried, and for those who have the attitude of, "We suffered through it, suck it up." I think you're part of the problem.

Volo, I understand your frustration but I know for a fact people have been reaching out to you and trying to guide you IC, and it seems like you've been brushing them off because what they're telling you isn't something that can happen today or now.

If someone tips you a few kay for a nothing job and tries to give you some advice, you might wanna listen yeah? Believe me when I say people are not high-handing you, in fact players are bending over backwards to overlook things because they like the hustle.

Sindome isn't a wall-to-wall action game. RP comes and goes as different players are online and different plots come to the forefront. There's not always going to be a ton of stuff to do every hour, hour after hour, that doesn't come from you yourself driving it.

Also believe me when I say you are not being targetted by PC thieves nearly as much as you think you are. Ask around IC for how to avoid this stuff. Proper advice will reduce your issues to zero.

Pavane completely nails this. I never played a single roleplay game of any kind before Sindome. I had zero idea what I was doing. I entirely credit my success and enjoyment to lucking into amazing mentors.

Sindome is a completely different experience if you're learning from someone and working with them IC to accomplish things.

The gangs are sort of set up to do this automatically (assuming the players are there for it), but anyone can find a mentor and it's definitely the thing to do if you're struggling.

Although I should add, once you're hooked into several plots/factions/crimnal enterprises, there's not enough hours in the day to do half the stuff you want to do.

My to-do backlog is a mile log and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

It just takes some time.