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Local EMT cracks the code An Imgur walkthrough to assist those of you running on MUSHclient and having problems with 256 Colors and ANSI calibration.

I will repost the walkthrough I made here for ease of viewing.

First issue shows that the brights are not bright, and the system calibration text is incorrect from all default settings on MUSHclient.

Click on 'Game', navigate through 'Configure' and click on ANSI Colors (Alt+6)

Make sure to tick the highlighted box here.

Click on Custom Colour (Alt+8), and look to the Custom16 box. This is what we will be changing.

Click the blue square and scroll through the color picker to the top. Then, click on 'white'. After that, click OK, and OK a second time at the bottom of the original window.

Finally, navigate to the output tab (Alt+5) and make sure these boxes are ticked.

When you run the command again, calibration is successful!

This also works without the bold option ticked, I have discovered! You can change it if you dislike the look!

Doesn't this just have the side effect of making all 'normal' text white? So instead of the default silver, room descriptions, poses, emotes, etc all become bright white? Which also leads to white colors just looking like the newly defaulted bright white text but also makes things like speaking loudly look just like poses/emotes etc?
if it does, i never had much of a problem with it. things generally look better for me now so idk. it's the only way i found for it to work with the client, and it's never going to be a perfect fix