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My post to a question on Reddit
Cyberpunk - Answering a question with a tough of Sindome

I can't promote Sindome directly without permission, but I thought some of you may appreciate this.

You can spot my answer pretty easy (Hint: it's listed next to Ruscion).

SPOILER ALERT: Reading is involved.

Impressive. That was indeed a good read, and the depth, ah, absolutely amazing.

Excellent read. I commend your effort.

That was great, I really enjoyed reading it. Got an idea or two out of it too.

Very nice. My only nit picking is that there is no Matrix in Sindome. Just the Grid. But awesome short fan fic!

^ The above statement is that players opinion, and should not be taken as fact.

Note: This isn't in Sindome, it's a sprawl somewhere in the Cyberpunk universe to answer an example of what people do all day. The hint this isn't Sindome is the ad for migrating to Withmore City as the perfect place (better than where the character is now, at least advertised that way). I guess I could have written that better. Sorry for the confusion.

I was talking about IssacF stating that there is no "Matrix" on Sindome.

I also was replying to IsaacF, just to make him feel better deep down inside about fact checking and nitpicking. We are aces, Slither.

Nicely done Ruscion a good short read. I really like the effort and thought put into this, I think if you ever get the chance you should write some more up, well I atleast would like to see more of this sort of thing around. Once again Great read!