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Neat common sense syntax
Post neat tips and stuff for syntax.

This is a thread for posting (sometimes unintuitive) syntax stuff that you could get off of xgame. Nothing that would break the rules of learning in-game or stuff like that.

You can 'peer' while in a vehicle, in other directions, and at things in the room the vehicle is in.

You can look at stuff in photographs

Yep, 'l thing in photo'.


Glance person

Sheath item



Well, I didn't know the sleaze command existed until like a week ago...

You can 'memorize' things and use your 'memory' to see things you have memorized.

Also, you can 'peek' out of some doors to see outside.

You can read the manual that comes with some door locks by typing 'help '.

That's 'help direction' with the direction the door is in. Forum does not like angled brackets.

If you really need to stop walking, "stop w" is faster than "stop moving" and does the same thing.

You can "look across X edge".

If you "look up" you can sometimes see interesting stuff.

You can look at objects people are wearing or holding, "look X on Y"

"stop m" works too, but it's as many letters as "stop w" I guess... I learned the first one first so it's what I use.

If an apartment room can shower you then it can dry you.

"Jam (color) button" in the cube hotels to see what they do :D

Instead of inputting movement commands one by one, you can just type

'go n e e e e s s s s s e'

Helps to avoid the movement errors we all know too well.

I want to mention that it's "look edge", not "look across edge"

Er, "look X edge", not "look across X edge"

Yeah, the second sytnax is for jumping.

Jump across w edge (this could kill you if you fall which if you are new you probably will!)

Also be careful as "jump off X edge" and "jump across X edge" are not the same things. The difference is pretty self explanatory but I've seen at least one player fubar it without even realizing there was a difference.

For completeness sake:

"jump off X edge" jumps from the roof down onto whatever is below in the direction of that edge. Usually the street below.

"jump across X edge" is when you want to try and jump across whatever is below you in the direction of that edge and over to the roof on the other side. Usually for jumping across the street below while jumping from one rooftop to another.