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New to game need some help
Comp crashed so how do I deal with that IC?

Well this is a little embarrassing. I had just gotten clothes and had a guide talk to me. Was quite helpful but as the title states my computer crashed. How in the living daylights do I deal with that IC? Also second question since i'm here which is also embarrassing. How do I go up stairs if the description doesn't mention a direction like north, west, etc?

Other players will usually handwave your disconnection if it's brief or obviously caused by connection issues.

Also, you have a period of 15 minutes or so to log back into the game before you become vulnerable to robbery or being dragged around.

To head up you just use 'up' or 'go up'. Some rooms have hidden exits you may 'search' for.

You can ask all these questions in Game-Help, and I welcome you to do so, you will find a quick answer there.

Both of these questions are well suited for the ingame help chat.

type 'newbie '

That being said, my personal advice is that how you play it off is up to you, but maybe you were exhausted from your travels...?

As the using stairs. Without giving away too much, which direction do the stairs go? Try that.

If you crash or lose connection, your character falls asleep.

We have a coded protection for people who just fall asleep that keeps them from being messed with by other players for a little bit of time.

As for moving about, you can use EXAMINE HERE to look at the verbs in a room, and SEARCH to see if there are any hidden exits and such in the room. Stairs will typically (but not always) be either (u) up or (d) down.

Welcome to the game!

board ate the command 'newbie "message" '
People are typically pretty accepting of general explanations to things like that.

"Sorry, I was really tired."

Or something along those lines will suffice.

You log back in and if they're there you just tell them via local ooc (aka the ooc command i;e; ooc sorry pc crashed) what happened.

Sometimes a description will have stairs but there won't be an actual 'up/down'. Sometimes exits are hidden (the help search file is a great file to review) and sometimes they're just there for for flavour text.