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Public Apology

Hello all,

Sybele here. I haven't been prompted to do this or anything, but given that it has been weighing heavily on my mind, I wanted to apologize for my recent inappropriate display toward staff on the boards. I should've known better, particularly as someone who was (briefly - it didn't fit) a GM, but I was already on edge due to unrelated circumstances and I suppose things peaked there. Prior, I had never done anything of the sort and would never have considered it.

I apologize first to staff for the disrespect. You must know that I greatly appreciate your creation and the work undertaken to keep it going. It's why I've contributed in the ways that I have, and why I practically lived my days and nights on the game. To have something to do was a blessing, and to have it be something I truly enjoyed was a real blessing.

It's also my obligation to apologize to the players who had to be spammed by that exchange, which should never have been dragged before the public. If I had issues, I should've handled them in better ways.

I do hope that it will one day be the case that my ban isn't permanent any longer, as I already miss the lot of you and (of course) Sindome itself terribly. However, until staff feels inclined to accept my apology, this is the best that I can - and should - do for all parties.

- Sybele

What we put a stop to, and what you could apologize to the public community for, is, wasting an unbelievable amount of GM and admin time with unanswerable neediness.

If I were to go count the lines of xhelp and email content you have generated, and that's ONLY the ones I personally have logged, I bet it would be in the hundreds of thousands, and, I bet it represents many hundreds of person-hours of attention given to you.

That's what your harm to the community is. Attention-vampiring. That's hundreds of hours GMs spent not doing anything for other players.

That's over. You finally pushed it beyond tolerability. Thanks for understanding.

Then, in that case, I apologize to the community for wasting the amount of GM time stated in the fashion Linekin has laid out. For any occasion on which this has robbed another player of their need for attention, I am deeply apologetic.

Since the players are adressed here, I'll just say: You will be missed. :)

Much obliged, Kuzco, and the feeling is certainly mutual. I hope it will not be forever.