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Raising Awareness

Good Evening,

I understand a lot of people know how serious COVID-19 is, and I don't mean to suggest that anyone in this community is taking it lightly or falling victim to misinformation and the politicization of a virus but I want to use how I feel right now to try to do something good. If I can convince one person to take things more seriously then I will feel better.

Today, my family had to learn the hard way. I was informed a couple hours ago now that despite all the warnings against gathering for Thanksgiving, and despite the record amounts of deaths and cases of COVID-19 in this country and around the globe, that one of my immediate family members has died today of complications related to COVID-19, only three days after Thanksgiving.

I just want to take a moment to really stress the severity of this pandemic, the impact it's having on millions of families and individuals globally and just how easy it can be to avoid if we all take the appropriate common sense steps to protect ourselves, each other and our families by wearing masks, and opting out of traditional social gatherings until this is over.

It may be difficult to convince family members, it may be difficult to convince yourself, but for the sake of friends, family, the people in your immediate communities, and the people in this community, please give it some heavy consideration if you find yourself being asked, or persuaded to take irresponsible and unsafe actions that may lead to the spread of the virus.

Again, I understand that the media does a good job of blasting this out daily, around the clock, and i don't mean to suggest anyone is ignorant of what should be obvious.

Please stay safe, and take care of each other. It's patriotic to take the steps necessary to prevent others from getting sick, it's patriotic to protect our friends, families, and neighbors, strangers or otherwise, from having to lose someone.

Thank you to everyone in this community that is already taking the necessary precautions to protect their real world communities and families. It's because of people like you that this has not become exponentially worse for the rest of us.

Deeply sorry for your loss, Andromeda.

It's frustrating how people are slipping as time goes on. I had one family member die early on in the pandemic because they simply didn't believe in it and they recklessly exposed themselves. Now I have two more who have tested positive because they let down their guard after months of taking precautions.

Reminders are good. It's not over.

@Andromeda - Sorry for your loss. I hope that it stops at 1.

This is a touchy subject.

I wrote a couple hundred words about this, but I'm not sure I should share it. Is this something that we want to go into as a community? Or should we just let it lie?

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. It's been a very difficult year to navigate. It's been a devastating one in so many ways. Isolating for months on end is so heavy with life moving on without us. I encourage everyone to attempt to be compassionate and understanding before jumping to conclusions. Fear and uncertainty can breed anger - I know I've felt it. Not being able to have funerals has been especially heartbreaking,and I know there are so many things we have lost this year. There will be different opinions about how things should be handled, but I think if we keep everything in perspective, taking care to understand that peoples lives are heavily affected (and in danger), we can have healthy conversations in the right settings. This virus has challenged us all to push beyond ourselves while also forcing us to fight battles with our inner selves regularly. Thanks for sharing your message and for your warning, Andromeda.
I'm deeply saddened by everything that's going on outside. I pray that everyone will eventually get the help they need.
Very sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers and thoughts go out too you and yours.

That's a good message and thankfully we have a virtual community to still gather around to stay sane.