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Recombination: The Audio Book
New Chapters Released Regularly

Hey All -

Some of you don't like to read and have requested an Audio version of Recombination. I am going to acquiesce. I do however want to point out the irony of wanting to listen to the audio version of a book about a text based game ;)


It's a good amount of work to edit these files once I've recorded them. The recording isn't really the hard part. It takes probably twice, maybe three times as long to edit them. If anyone wants to volunteer to take that off my hands-- I wouldn't say no. In the meantime I will churn these out on as regular a basis as possible.

The first two chapters are available here:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Feedback is appreciated!

-- Slither

I cracked up at the irony point XD

Only listened to chapter one but sounding good! Good luck with stuff and i know editing can be a right bitch so hopefully you'll manage to get some help with that