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Respec a "new" character
Question for the GMs

I'm having a hard time sorting out the delineation between IC and OOC when it comes to a respec request.

Hek is my first character here. I read the Lore and Timeline before I created him, but beyond that I had zero idea what playing the game was going to be like.

Hek has been alive for almost a month at this point, and I (he) have ICly learned that there were a couple of skills that he came into the game with, that I (the player) have no interest in ever using. I figure it's roughly 30-40 UE worth of skills. And it's going to require a good 20-30,000 worth of gear to use the skills.

I wish that I could be less vague, but I am trying to respect the request that we keep IC information off of OOC channels.

As a player, what is the "right" thing to do here? The RP purist in me says to suck it up and just deal with the sunk UE. But the in-game help text of the respec request says that you just have to respect the CORE of the character. It also says that "if you don't like the new direction you take your character..." , which implies that a fairly dramatic, but not completely 180 degree course change, is within the spirit of a respec.

In my mind, it's not a total, 180 degree shift. More like 120.

Respec is not for new characters. It's for characters who have been around for a while and want to change what their character can do. 30-40 UE is nothing compared to what you'll earn. Just start working on new skills and who knows, maybe you'll find a use for those old skills later.
Far as I know, you shouldn't mention who your character is, either. Just thought I'd mention it.
You still have a loooooot of UE to earn which will make that 30-40 UE pretty insignificant in the grand scheme. Don't worry about it, just keep moving on with your character and use it as a plot hook or something
The major reason that I want to respec is because I got a bit overzealous right out of chargen and picked 3 perks that align with the way I don't want to go.
One of the options under @service-request is for rerolling your chosen advantages. I believe you are given this opportunity once per character, pending GM approval of course.
Yeah you get a mulligan on advantage rolls, just one though. I think you can request it at any time too.
Thanks for the heads up on the advantage mulligan. That will be useful in the future once I finally figure out where my character fits in. =)