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Rules Update: Sexual Harrasment
Please read.

Hi Everyone -

After receiving some feedback we have taken a look at our sexual harassment policy and expanded it. The policy itself remains in place, but we are expanding the wording around what is and is not OK, and what you should do if you feel harassed OOCly or ICly.

To be clear, OOC harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. IC sexual harassment is a bit trickier because you might be totally OK with the roleplay you are having, even if it involves your character being sexually harassed. We, the staff of Sindome, do not want to get in the way of roleplay of any kind if we can help it.

We trust all of you to be mature, adult, and respectful of other peoples wishes. It has always been our policy that if someone asks for a sexual situation to cease, in character, that MUST be obeyed. The following update to the policy covers more specifically, what is expected of each community member and courses of action should one feel they are needed.


2.C. Sexual Harassment

Sindome is an adult game, with adult content. As such some amount of sex will, in all likelihood, enter into your character’s life at some point, however, if someone OOCly asks you to stop directing sexual comments, requests, actions, etc, at their character, you need to stop.

If you are uncomfortable with sexual roleplay that is being directed at your character, you may use the local ‘OOC’ command to request that the person cease. If you make this request and it continues to happen, please use ‘xhelp’ to alert the admin staff, and we will help resolve the situation.

If someone requests you cease sexual roleplay with them, under ANY circumstances, you are to cease it, without question. Failure to do so will result in punitive action with possible loss of your account.

Do not use accusations of sexual misconduct to slander another character in game, as it becomes an unavoidable in character topic for those who do not wish to engage in roleplay of that nature.

Additionally, sexual conduct in an OOC room, or OOC channels does not have to be tolerated at all. If you feel as though someone is sexually harassing you on OOC channels, please xhelp and alert an admin of the situation.

DO NOT sexually harass community members out of character. If you do you can expect to be banned from the game.


Any questions?

One question:

I've noticed (not apart of) recent RP that involves some sort of blackmail about someones IC sexual exploits. Are you saying that is no longer acceptable?

Actually, I mis-read. Nevermind.
Definition of slander

1 : the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another's reputation

2 : a false and defamatory oral statement about a person

What happens if the the accusations of sexual 'misconduct' (not sure all of which this might encapsulate) are warranted and not false. For example say a character is a known Joy or a stripper or any one person who publicly acts displaying lewd behavior or has a past record of doing so.

Would calling them a 'whore' on public SIC be against the rules for example?

I am just trying figure out if there are any degree of accusations that would be acceptable and under what conditions. To see where the line should be drawn.

Because at least ambivalently the game has always been very sexually explicit and that seems cohesive with the rest of the theme.

Do not use sexual misconduct (she touched me inappropriately, he wouldn't stop asking me to hook up with him even after I asked him to stop) to shit talk someone else. The reason is that this quickly devolves, people not a part of the RP hear it and may find it OOCly upsetting because of their own personal experiences or beliefs. They didn't want that RP, but now it's everywhere and their experience on Sindome is negatively impacted as a player.

It doesn't matter if it's true or not. Just stay away from this. You all can do better than resorting to that kind of thing anyway.

Name calling is fine, but if someone is like 'OOC: Please don't call my character a whore.' then just don't do it. Call them a baka instead.

We have plenty of non-sexualized slang and insults and roleplay that can be had. I really don't see this as something any should be concerned about.

The policy was always there, we've just expanded it a bit and clarified what you should do if you feel uncomfortable OOCly with something someone is saying to your character. And we've clarified what you should do if someone asks you to stop a specific kind of RP.

Let's be frank people, every single one of you has different experiences that have turned you into the people you are today. Some have a higher tolerance for sexualized behavior and role play. Some of you strongly believe that certain things are so taboo that they should not be even spoken of in a game. Some believe anything goes.

There is no way to give every single one of you what you want. And the admin should not have to arbitrate what is or is not sexual harassment. If someone says 'hey stop doing this sexual thing because it makes me uncomfortable OOCly', just stop. Hand wave whatever was happening ICly. Remove yourself from the situation if you want, or continue to the RP as if it didn't happen, or OOCly decide what should happen now, with the help of the other person.

I don't want to hear complaints about immersion or how it's just a game. The same argument can be made for the immersion of the person who is super uncomfortable with their character being sexually harassed, due to their real life experiences.

In the end, just stop if someone asks. And if you ask someone to stop and they don't, alert the admin and we will back you up.

-- S