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Saturday Sept 1st -- MOO Cleanup Day
Annual MOO Clean Up Day for 2018!


Running Sindome is great. But, there is a good amount of upkeep! There are tasks that the staff needs to do on an annual basis. These are things like reviewing our documentation, reviewing the wiki, pruning things that have built up too much at the market, triaging and reviewing all our bug reports, fixing typos, and many, many other things.

I've put together a document which details the stuff we need to knock out. And we've picked Saturday September 1st to all get on the MOO and work through these issues. It's an all day affair.

This post is to let you all know that there will be limited GMing taking place that day. We need the entire staff to be focused on checking items off the list. This is our 'spring cleaning', so to speak. So, for everyone out there, please don't schedule things for that day that will require GMs. Please don't expect puppets that day. Please do us a favor and limit your attempts to speak with NPCs that day.

We may also request additional help on Fix-It, and have specific things that you as players, can do to help us clean up the MOO that day. This includes:

1. Cleaning up your @nakeds and @description

2. Cleaning up your item bloat by trashing / dumping crap you don't need that is taking up space

3. Helping with descriptions that need updating

4. Testing things

Questions? Suggestions?

-- S

There was a google doc for this last time, or maybe a thread? I remember pointing out a few items that needed updated descriptions somewhere.
Whoops I hit reply early and sounded rude. I meant to ask whether we'd have a place to do that again.
This is the place for recommendations. Last time we had a form for badly described items. If that's something people think is needed, we can throw another one of those up. Otherwise, feel free to toss recommendations on here!
Two specific things - Metachrosis lacks a help cyberware entry, and it's been a bit since I looked at one, but I think the Xo5 environmental bodysuit might have a blurb in its @describe about having power-assisted movement, which it doesn't. That might be something from the forums that I'm misremembering though.

There are some quirks to how Metachrosis works that it may benefit users to see in help cyberware, as they aren't immediately obvious if you don't assume that common sense went into designing the mechanics there.

When you say clean up our nakeds and descriptions, what do you mean exactly? Keep them shorter or...?
@Vera can you write up a general help file to go in help cyberware for the help file and email it to me? You sound like an authority on it, much more than me!

You don't -have- to shorten them. However, one thing I did as a player was after a battle i would update my @nakeds with scars. To the point where they were pretty long. Every now and then I'd rewrite them so that instead of listing 8 different individual bullet wounds on my characters chest, I would be like 'A group of 8 bullet wounds sits around his heart.'

In general it's not so much about saving space on the MOO as it is writing them in such a way that someone doesn't spend 10 minutes reading it all! :)

Also just a reminder this is happening THIS SATURDAY so plan your RP accordingly :)
If you are aware of any badly described items (not player made clothing please, just trash that), please feel free to fill this form out:
Hey Everyone -

MOO Cleanup day is wrapping up for most of us. I wanted to throw an update on here as to the amazing progress / cleaning we did today. Thank you to all the players, and admin, who participated!

I won't bore you with a ton of the technical stuff but here are some of the big things:

Size of MOO at Cleanup Start: 125.21

Objects in Market at Cleanup Start: 2938

Objects at Cleanup Start: 65815

Size of MOO At Cleanup Finish: 122.38 [-2.83 megs]

Objects in Market at Cleanup Finish: 2148 [-790 objects]

Objects upon Completion: 63087 [-2708 objects]

We cleaned the market, we recycled a hundreds of drugs, we cleaned up NPCs inventories and chyen, we cleaned out admin bits and admin homes and the bits and homes of former admin.

We reviewed all NPC look places.

We recycled all the resumes and letters on hiring managers.

We fixed a number of @typos, and @bugs relating to descriptions.

We reviewed numerous descriptions and pads to make sure things were correct.

We fixed NPC unspawning, which had a bunch of NPCs that were supposed to go away but hadn't.

We fixed holograms.

We fixed the issue with the bank not letting you transfer to shrouded people.

We automated a bunch of cleanup processes to make our lives easier in the future.

We scanned for and recycled orphaned security gear (cameras, mics, etc, that were outputting to nothing, or recycled hubs)

We pruned the NO REAP list, and emailed 18 players who were on it, that are being removed for not signing in for a very long time.

We cleaned out some areas where gear piles up.


It's still ongoing, with Johnny plugging away at some difficult code issues, but I've now been at it about 9 hours and I need to take a breather. Thanks everyone for understanding about the GMs not being available.

Feel free to throw a thank you on this thread for them to see. They busted their buts doing some pretty boring and tedious cleanup for a lot of the day. They deserve some praise!

Thanks to Johnny, Cerb, Glitch, Butako, Blinder, Dekkard, Dreamer, Storm,. Mobius, Mench, and Mephisto for crushing it.


-- S