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Seventy Million

What would you do if you suddenly won Seventy million of your particular base currency, not talking about pennies. Right now, i'm leaning toward buying a top of the line server farm for Sindome! Hahaha but Seriously, I'd probably buy a server farm and render farm and a new computer and maybe pay up rent on a small apartment for a couple years so I could take a break from work.
I would buy so many classic cars. Jay Leno wouldn't have shit on me. My top picks would probably be a 1950 packard clipper, and an old checker cab.
That's about 25K USD so I'd just move out to another country, pay a whole lot of rent, and save the rest.
I thought that said 25 USD for a second and. So, Imagine 70million usd in your currency then, I'll say it like that.
Invest in up and coming tech companies and hope to reap profit after getting a small, modest apartment with no mortgage and a reasonably cheap bike
Continue my life as normal, I guess. Maybe buy a new computer and have a medium-size camper converted into a home so I can live cheaply.
Pay off my college debt. Buy a nice house. Improve the studio. But actually keep working because I cannot stop working.
I'd probably buy a house, but nothing too big because that isn't my style. Fill it with some interesting decorations, make sure all of my family's debt is paid off, and quit working to become a fulltime whatever I feel like doing at the moment. Art, photography, I've always wanted to try junking. I'd definitely travel more.
All the candy
70 million? The first thing I would do is hire a reliable and reputable financial advisor. Using the U.K. national lottery as an example, up to 70% of winners go bankrupt within the first 3 years as a result of efforts to live beyond their means. Even a vast amount of cash like that isn't bottomless.

Of course, I'm human... I'd want to treat myself too, but be wary.

I would buy 70 mil worth of cocaine and triple my investment.
Keep enough to pay myself plus four others 5k a month for 100 years (30 mil) and donate the rest so something cool. I'm really creative like that. :-P
Start a damn fine advertising campaign for Sindome!

Also, buy a shitload of land somewhere and live a nice peaceful life in the woods.

I'd invest 55 million of it so I could live off the interest.

I'd quit my job and work on Sindome fulltime.

I'd use 5 million (i would have to spend 5 million on whatever the eff I wanted) to set up a trust for Sindome, and the remaining 5 million to pay the staff a salary to work on the game full time.

I'd buy a clinic and hire a doctor to work there so that I'll own a clinic I can also work in by the time I graduate medical school.

Then I'll just put the rest of my money into retirement for my parents, me, my boyfriend, and my girlfriend.

If I still have money left then I'd offer my girlfriend a "small loan" to start her dream game dev studio.