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Sindome Media Studies Project
A Sindome-inspired creation.

I am in the middle of creating a fake band, album, and subsequent CD cover for a media studies course. I don't have much done yet, but I want to show what I'm doing right now.

That's the basic idea. I'm going to draw in a background, similar to the street scene banners that are used on the site. Any suggestions for band members/track names?

The image doesn't seem to load properly.

Here's a direct link.

Thank you Vetra.

No suggestions here, but I like the idea.

Could be Juicy Vee's new album...

Think the admin can help with some old character names of people who were musicians (though, all solo artists), if they are okay with a tip of the hat to them. Perhaps something for the lorekeeper?

You could also use the CP archetypes to craft up some names. So that anyone seeing the false band names could get in intro to some names they may know from their fave CP works. Decker/Joeboy/cipherpunk/avatar type, razorgrrl/molly/Yours Truly, street sam/blade/merc/bladerunner/deliverator.

Oh...along those lines, would be cool if one of the band members was an AI/android (listed as software version or model number xxx aka 'Liz' or something).

Excited for this project!!!

The front of the CD Cover is done, and I'm working on the back. Thanks for all the suggestions and tips for creating band members.

Here's the (mostly) finished cover. It's a bit crowded, but It'll have to do for now.

Not bad! =D

And the back and side bits of the cover. It's done. If I print it out and stick it in a case I'll upload a picture of the CD case.

Fake Flash-Made website to come...

Sorry i'm a bit late on this, but here it is. Open up the zip file and find "game.exe" That will launch the project. The menu screen has some nifty animations that take place over about 5 minutes. to return to the menu from a page press the escape key.

Revision: Press "CLICK ME.exe" I named so the prof could find it easily.

I have a strong issue with downloading a random "EXE" especially when it is labeled CLICK ME

Fair enough. You can open up the exe with WinRar and look at the source code inside if that would make you more comfortable.