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So long!
Thanks for the good times.

Hello, I'm Cap...

Yes, I am the one who plays Capiel and my departure from SD is not by any means easy.

I genuinely liked roleplaying here, but a lot of factors are starting to make themselves apparent that are causing me to leave with a lot of difficulties. It was mostly OOC factors such as dwindling interest to my own motivations were being put into more personal things. There are a few IC factors, one of which having been started from some WJF players sometime ago.

I wish I could stick around, but I feel like it'll cause me to not be up to par with my own roleplaying standards. If I come back around, it'd be when I feel like my interest returned.

I do have a skype account as I wouldn't mind talking to people from SD after I leave, as I know some of you have had conversations in local OOC with me. (Skype: Captians130 - It's spelled wrong I should add.)

Walk safe, chummers.

Walk safe mate, you were awesome to RP with.

It's definitely important that people feel cool to leave if they want, so I hope you have fun with whatever else you do!

Aww. Take care, Cap!

It was fun.

Take note, talking with other players outside of the game will lead to you being restricted from playing the game for breaking the @rules. You also won't get the full understanding you were hoping for.