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Spring 2105 Meme Thread
Because Slither said so

Kicking this off right

people immediately getting to their feet after being knocked the fuck out like nothing happened

im so sorry.

Laughed at your toll day meme in the last thread, DoveCage. 😁
You know, I didn't even realize the year in this thread title was IC.

Someday I'm gonna sign a check 85 years in the future.

literally any fucking time you do 'freehands', ever

when your biohazard suit makes you look shabby, so you've up the quality with other pieces

the only two types of bars in the Mix

Trying to post a SIC ad:

When mixers come to Gold to show 'em what for:

Gangers whenever a rival ganger is mentioned on SIC:

In light of the 'Be Safe' thread...

When you resolve to only use rap battles to solve any and all issues.

@HolyChrome That's just... regular Sindome?
When you walk down any street in the mix

when you tab out for less than 0.005 microseconds and see the word "drag" in any capacity
Splicers in Xo5 be like

When an oldbie terrorizes the newbies:

testing out an SMG with your splicer chums

when hulking bearded manos do "appear mona"

any time someone brings up an admin on OOC and you think they might be @invis

This is what it's like watching Sinners Vs Snakes.

"I know you said don't come on our turf, but we left you a lemon sponge-cake on the corner of Sinn and Knife! Love, Snakes!"
How friendship works.

The ABCs of Withmore.

sindome's theme

lethal mugging

when you use the work alias for dumb sic chatter

when the mona you had a date with uses cr instead of her key

Nice ones. 😁
Sarz Vs Snakes Pt 2 heh

Wholesome, educational memes.

Made me smile. 😊
"You've never had the urge to work from home until now."
From the improvements & bugfixes thread:


We had a bug where, if you were riding a motorcycle then accidentally unmounted a motorcycle in the same room that you were not riding, it would let you walk off and a ghost rider would remain making the motorcycle unusable. This is now fixed and you will be told that you can't dismount a motorcycle you are not on.

First thing that pops into my head:

Sarz Vs Snakes Pt 3

When they get Juicy V to host the WJF Auction

The music video that captures that solo life perfectly.

I was waiting for clones to show up.
when the GMs only send you @bad-ideas

Strangers With Candy yessssss. 😁

I feel thoroughly attacked:

East Side Limeboyz got no hold!
inspiration for my character

how disguises work

visual guide to pds loads

Day 15 of being an immy:


When corpies get rowdy on pubSIC:

Withmore Globe

Looks like @bullshit also needs to read 'help chastity'
I am now going to use hair as an adverb.
If you know you know

i guess the board decided to thumbnailify that.


in all it's glory, on imgur instead

When the pledge is way too overeager.

sindome character horoscopes

when u see a cute helmetless player judge

proper corporate response to servies or mixers trying to go corpie

waiting for a GM to approve your dope ass @history

The code of the mix

Slice-of-lifer dating a solo.

I want to point out that, while it might seem a funny joke, you are not really caged and unable to do anything while waiting for your history to be approved. Only auto-payment jobs are blocked while waiting. That's like less than 10% of the game.
Puny high UE solo meets two strapped immies

when you been hanging out with too many femboys and your boss finds out

how to exploit niches in the stripper game

part of the theme

withmore immigration guards

unlocking any vehicle

Coming back from a break like...

The average Withmore day at the workplace,

Every person who's character goes in "that direction."

Ganger hour summed up...

Stolen from DeadDragon..

The Mix Be like...

Hittin y'all with the wholesomeness

When the scene gets interesting around 3am.

They've done it...

They algorithms have generated PEAK MIXER

Dead eyes, check

Ecclectic fashion, check

Jaded Murder Smile, check

Greasy AF, check

The same Mixer, after shopping at La.Mode.

When you are not ready to be the fixer.

When you shoot into an adjacent room....

Unclear on the IC/OOC concept:

Unclear on the IC/OOC concept:

Top 10 photos taken moments before disaster

You [to Rychek]: Where's the party at?

Knife Street Serpents issue 6, circa 2101

When Johnny and Slither finally implement all your rad vehicle ideas...

Direct link since the bord won't render .gifv in-line

Au Contraire, 0x1mm

The themesong of Joy Killers everywhere.

Special shoutout to non US natives:
The true gamers go to sleep early and wake up at 1am. 🤣
Almost everyone in SD:

Sounds familiar?

Ashlin Crown - 2105

Kill Jester


Corporate pubSICcing

on the job good day at SHI

An AI generated meme


Checking out the Apartment Lotto haul with the gang

When someone talkin on a key but not sayin anything in person

Me and the boys after working a 12 hour shift at SHI

Oh, we're doing this format?

Impact font goes on format.

when the GMs see you're up to some dumb shit and all slide to you

When the newbie comes to the oldbie for help

Bosses in Sindome.

corpie theme, but unironically... but ironically?

Here you go SolBro :)

Progression of Disguise to Charisma to RP

Mix gastronomy
Mix gastronomy
"Mom, can we have CorpSec?"

"We have CorpSec at home."

CorpSec at home:


Sinn Street: