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Summer 2105 Meme Thread
About that time.

how 'cute/innocent' immies see themselves

^^^ also how I feel when I search on Google for such topics, lol.
Inspired by "Horny D&D Bingo" here's "Horny SD Bingo!" (NSFW)

I did not get bingo, lol.

Mixer: *exists*

Bingo card:

Corpie splicers be like
Trying this again -

put the file URL ( between img tags
thank you!!
that one made me sad
damn you all suck ass at embedding images

you know it says like right above the message box about image tags right

like for example uhhh [ img ] [ /img ]

i put spaces in that shit so it doesnt try and format

oh yo another thing

please for the love of god stop directly linking images from facebook

those URLs become invalid fast

Jester Punk honking because he's full of murderous rage. Colorized, 2105.


Happens so often...

Happens so often...

Dummies Guide to Ganging 2105:

Mixer kid: "Mom I want some fruit from topside..."

Mixer mom: "We have fruit at home."

Fruit at home:

Character in the Mix: a fucking badass.

Same character on SIC:

Trying this again!

Character in the Mix: a fucking badass.

Same character on SIC:

When you see someone dragging a body you don't like towards C&C with a poncho on.

When you get negged by pubSIC for your actions:

When you chute the bespoke coat you stole off a hapless corpie.


They can't shift out of park.
A good allegory if all you do is hoard guns and TruColorz IC then, huh?
Hoarding Trucolorz...

god i wish
bask before my ms paint skills

when an average male describes himself with a "square jaw"

Not gonna lie, I usually come into the Meme threads with low expectations, but this thread just made me lol, hard.

Fucking PREACH IT Svetlana!


When the impressionable new immy takes the advice to "trust no one" a little too far: 🤣

when the splicer overdoses

Ignoring thinks

learning commands at the HoJ be like

5/5 Baguette!
Catmod Executive vs Birdmixer

When your disguise skill is too low:
Factual depiction of a SOLO.
Handicapped :D
A cane.
"Fuckin' Skywatch.

Depiction of a Withmore topside doctor going about their typical daily duties circa 2105 colorized

Please point out on the diagram where the mean solo touched you.

Hiring in the mix.

Sunsetting your character.

Pledges after the big gang brawl be like...

Every time things get awkward due to the limitations of our shared text format.

You can't have cyberpunk without... oh...

Mix pillows.

Damn YNK, amazing!

What grapple actually is:

What non-combat characters want to believe grapple is:

Players after a moosex session, or when their char just wants to boast about having sex:

the average corpie

whenever someone with low CHA keeps getting called cute by pubSIC

how it feels waking up after your partner ran your pockets to use your progia and gives you a nightmare

when your skyfox pilot gets stuck in a procedural flight room

Leaving your pad be like

When corpies want to "slum it":

Jaywalks in terrorism got a good laugh out of me.
Waking up in WJF lock-up with your ace cool after being sentenced to Clone Death:

Can't afford a mounted X940 minigun? Get a trebuchet to hurl corpses at your enemies instead.

2105 looking pretty good right now...

Not quite a meme, but this is what goes through my head every time I see the CleverGirl brand.
I feel like they're just calling us out now.