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The Lore - Outdated pages
It's the wiki, Help me!

If any of you have browsed the Lore pages on the website you'll most likely have found that there's some outdated pages on there.

I'm one man, and it takes a lot of time to go through those pages so I'm creating this thread to allow you to point out pages that need looked at.

If you come across any pages that are out-of-date and need updated then please, feel free to point them out to me in this thread. You could even go the extra mile and help me by letting me know what information is out-of-date.

In return, I'll post regular pictures of doggo's as thanks for your help.


* Ambrosia Pharmaceuticals and Shock Industries no longer exist: ( Perhaps split them into another category "Defunct Corporations" within the same article. If we're going on board with corporations that used to exist but no longer do, add Holomedica.

* The Drugs in Withmore article ( is missing one drug, however it's not very known ICly so I can understand why it might not be listed there.

* The Cyberware category ( just got ripped! They are missing some chrome, namely: SK MindsEye Thought Receiver, Pheromone Enhancer, Metachromosis. Of course, a new article for each item is also necessary.

* The Personality category ( probably is the only one that gives me 2080s vibes, and even then it's not fully complete, with articls such as the criminal known as Dee and the non inclusion of other characters like Aikao. Add some new characters, NPCs and PCs. Thinking of Anderson and others of that caliber (or ... of a lower caliber, to be more lenient).

* The Organization category ( is super sad. WTF is the Red Scorpions and the Nightrunner Clan... the stories depicted there are from before 2093. Rename the category to "Factions" and add some new factions such as: Snakes, Arteries, Sinners. The

* Add a new category: "Events", add things such as the: 2/3, explosion of FreeSky, significant WJF raids, uprising and downrising of factions. Et cetera... I think some of those are in the timeline.

Ooooh, yeah, Some if that stuff villa posted is waaaaaaaay dated. Personally given the nature of some organizations, I think the Red scorpions should be removed and you should FOIC while others as villa posted that are more public be displayed. Also the Personalities should definitely be updated with the exploits of public figures that made a big impact on things. I think most of tge personalities were written by the players using Slithers example for Seven Ecks as a basis.
I feel like all personality and faction stuff, aside from the corporations that literally run the world, should be FOIC and stricken from the wiki.
Carnal Desires

Doesn't have a tattoo parlor anymore, and it certainly doesn't have heavy security.

The Sinners

Should be listed as a faction.

Skywatch Lane

Lists an outdated Skywatch Mall.

Fuller Street

Doesn't list the Soup Kitchen or the Prison.

Lamb's Wake

Doesn't list Skin Deep.

Acme Courier Services

Mentions the old TERRA HQ.


Lists things that should really be FOIC.


Lists a rather unreal exchange rate, and should be either updated or removed. Also some info on how a chyen bill looks like would be appreciated!


Could use some expansion. Specially useful for newbies.

New Light Avenue

Doesn't have Nigel's Tech Wares or Kashflo Kasino anymore. Is missing the Eternalist chapel as well.

Saedor Way

Burnt Cow Security Systems doesn't exist anymore, Genetek is mispelled.

Nice dreams vending machines

Probably outdated regarding locations.

Soma Street

Vigel's Lock & Key isn't there anymore. Missing the leasing agency too.

Withmore Hope Inc

Has a typo in "volcanic".

Criminal Organizations in Withmore

The Red Devils and The Tribe Of Angels aren't really a thing anymore. Missing the Darks too.

Street Judge

Could include Anderson, maybe Amon too.


Perhaps could use a mention to the Latin Quarter, aka "San Mayo".

Clone Angels

Could include mention of the chapel.

Thanks Kuzco! That was extremely helpful. (Everyone follow his method :P )

I've updated what I can with what you've suggested. I'll look at the others just now.


doesn't list the FN P90-X. is just all wrong now that the changes have gone through (it was also wrong before). Consider replacing it with some version of this stuff I'm paraphrasing from Cerberus and have pasted here:

im good at pos;ting

Bumping this thread. There's some outdated stuff but what would players and staff like to see added? Should we include more dead olbie pages? Overall lore that's limited to players who have been playing too damn long? Random cyberpunk nonsense? Past News events that are noteworthy?
I personally, would love to read more oldbie lore pages and past noteworthy events.