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Hello everyone! I'm a relatively new player (I joined a few days ago) and I unfortunately have an announcement to make. I may be unable to continue playing my character. Based on how the game operates in real time and how my schedule works, I would only be able to log on and game every weekend or so. Given that the game progresses in real time, it does not seem feasible or fair to others to only have my character available every weekend. I love the game, I think it's a brilliant idea but it simply does not support casual gamers like myself. Based on several other factors (the dissaperance of a vital in game item to my character as an one) I find it very hard to find enough time to sit down and have fun without worrying about my character.If there is a way to accomplish this I will try, or if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them, but it looks like I may be leaving for a while.

This is the same with me, i have a bust schedule and barely have time to play except for weekends. What i would recommend is to try to adept. In-Game, get a weekend job, and rent a cheap apartment, but that only needs rent pay once a week, on a weekend day, and continue to play, but only on weekends.

As far as the missing item goes, sorry, welcome to Withmore, shit gets stolen. This provides RP opportunity. As far as only being able to game on weekends, SD isn't entirely good for casual playing because you will miss a lot during the week. The only thing I can suggest is making the USD donation towards an apartment to "store" your character in but, I wouldn't suggest it to a new character who hasn't had time to decide how much they even like the game. Maybe when your schedule is different you may be able to join us again.

And, I didn't suggest the in-game job thing because, as a player, I wasn't sure of IG apartment prices and such and whether it could be managed with only two days of play.

Well, sorry to see you go, but you can play on the weekends. One way to look at it is that characters do normal workaday / living stuff when you're offline and the important stuff when you are online.

Maybe that can work? Not sure. But if not, maybe we'll see you again when you have a little more time here and there during the week?

Take care.

I will try, but I'd hate to have to play catch-up every time I logged on. Given the way I play my character, it makes it very hard for them to do anything. I love my character, I really do, but I don't find it fair to others in game if I'm not there all of the time

That we run real time is actually a huge boon for busy people. Other RPIs run on faster schedules, so you'd be gone for entire weeks or even a month or more by logging in on weekends. Here on Sindome? Your character might be doing the same as you: Working.

You can pay up cubes and apartments well in advance. You probably will need a regular job to ensure the pay's coming in, or you could donate for 6 months rent coverage (if you're certain you want to stay with us). Doesn't have to be for a corporation, but some plain old job where you don't have to do too much beyond showing up could work, because then it can be assumed you're working throughout the week.

I wouldn't worry so much about other players. I am certain you aren't the only one with this sort of schedule. And, some players only see each other rarely due to time zone differences. The world of SD and the characters within it will flow around you. Does this make it hard for you to be involved in heavy longer term RPs? Probably. Does it exclude you from the world entirely? No. If you find a way to make it work, people will be available.

There are indeed many players who don't commit to an every-day or even to an every-third-day gameplay schedule.

There are also players who seem to come for a couple of weeks, then disappear for a month or three.

These RL schedule matters doesn't rule out great RP for them when they are able to play.

It does help when the character has a "role" or an IC situation which can both explain absences and keep a roof over the character's head.

it's true, housing can be VERY cheap and shouldn't be an obstacle against taking time away from the game during the week.

It's also true that having limited game time can make the reaching of certain IC goals and acquiring certain IC positions for one's character harder or take longer to achieve.

Still, it's a game, and if it doesn't look like your plans for your current character could be achieved with a more, let's say, "casual" schedule, you may still get a lot of enjoyment and still form a lot of IC relationships with a different character concept.

No matter what you decide to do, we'll remain here whenever you want to check in again, under whatever circumstances and with whatever commitment level.