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US Capitol sieged
Livestream inside

Welp. One person shot. Hundreds inside the capitol.


Additional links of interest:

Initial Break-in:

Thanks for posting.

I've been watching Hasan for a while.

I want off this wild ride.

Where's mister LAW AND ORDER now?

Oh wait. Fueling the fire. Great.

We been talking about this for hours on ooc-chat, join us.
I will keep my tearing down the corrupt system strictly limited to the imaginary system here in Withmore.
from twitter:

Trump called into private breakfast of members of RNC this AM in Florida. Was put on speaker and received a loud & overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction, per people in room. Spoke briefly to say hi & sorry to miss it. “One minute.” No discussion of yesterday. No speech tonight.

Ever since this started I've been dreading something like a collapse of the US as a world power, kinda like in Sindome. But something radical like that is unlikely.
Annnd Facebook has banned Trump indefinitely.
Bishop Talbert Swan: Josh Williams was 18 when he got 8 years in prison for stealing a bag of chips and setting a trashcan on fire during civil unrest in Ferguson. We’ll see what happens to white terrorists who defaced, vandalized, looted, and broke into the Capitol.
I was actually there working as an EMT during Ferguson, and chums like that Bishop have no idea what they're talking about, and it looks like he's Yet Another Race Baiter.
Antifa and BLM protesters who have been counter-protesting proud boys all year get shot with rubber bullets and teargassed over the slightest provocation, if any.

Meanwhile white supremacists break into the US Capitol building, one of the buildings containing some of the most sensitive information in the U.S., and Capitol Police high-five them and are videotaped taking selfies with the protesters. Also in the crowds of people who broke into the Capitol? U.S. Republican lawmakers.

When people talk about systemic racism and bias in the United States, this is what they're talking about. When you vote, you're not choosing between the lesser of two evils, you're choosing between people that will openly take part in depravity and sedition, and people who are trying to maintain some semblance of order in the post-Trump era where we have QANON representatives representing the people of the U.S.

I'm extremely sorry that four people lost their lives yesterday over a madman ranting and raving about election fraud that is non-existent. If anything, the wakeup call was good, and now lawmakers on both parties are calling for the 25th amendment to be enacted. Sadly, it's too little, too late. It's been blatantly apparent that it needed to be enacted years ago, and now it's going to take years- or possibly decades to undo the damage that's been caused in the past four years, which has culminated in this event. The best we can do is to do our part as individuals and make informed decisions when hitting the polling booths, and say enough is enough of this nonsense.

Wait... TalonCzar, do you seriously believe there was no election fraud? Despite the absolutely overwhelming evidence?

Masterfully done but too soon to be funny. But it made me laugh anyway. Well done, sir. I bet one or two people think you actually mean it.

What is sad is that it has come to this.

It's sad that there is a leader who spent four years tearing down the media (and they've done some of that to themselves) so that a third of the country now believes this very improbable chain of logic:

1) That this country which can't keep ANY secrets, somehow there is a shadow government that could order THOUSANDS of election workers across the country to change the results of the election... and NONE of them left any traces. NONE of them talked to anyone anywhere.

2) That all of the 90+ judges, many of whom were appointed by Trump, were also in on this fix.

3) That Trump and his party has evidence that they are unwilling to share to any of these 90+ judges because... ??

4) That the supreme court, which has three of his appointees and has a strong conservative leaning... is in on the fix.

5) That his own Vice President, chosen by him, is also in on this fix.

6) That large swaths of his own party... many who spent countless time and effort campaigning for him... are in on this fix.

So a large part of our country believes this. Which is frightening. They also apparently don't believe the officials in the swing states. Which... let's walk through that.

In Georgia, the Secretary of State has debunked all of Trumps claims. He's gotten death threats and he is now linked to this large scale FIX. But let's look at some facts. The Georgia Secretary of State endorsed and campaigned for Trump for eight months. He donated money to help Trump get elected.

If he REALLY was in on the fix, wouldn't it have just been easier to just campaign and donate to Biden instead of work to get TRUMP elected only to orchestrate some kind of felony election fraud? I mean logic just does not fit for any of this.

So we have this disbelief in simple facts. We have this disbelief in simple logic. It's led us to a point where people talk of ceding from the union. It's led to the disgusting thing on TV. People say you can't talk about politics. I think you need too. Have discussions. Respect facts and opinions, but call out hypocrisy and lies where they exist.

I'm not American by birth (Rule Britannia!), but this is where I live now and chose Citizenship here. No matter people's opinions on issues, we're all in it together and if we can't talk about differences without resorting to... well yesterday, might as well pack up the bags on the country and devolve into what George Bush called a Banana Republic. Talk to people, especially if they disagree with you and try to convince them of at least acknowledging that some of this stuff is so far out there that it's hard to even write it up. Silence and inaction leads to this fermenting sore that boiled over.

Alright, well, it's pretty obvious you guys did zero research and already made up your minds, and are highly emotionally attached to this, so I won't even bother.
Thank you, brother. Thank you.
Bean dip why snark?

Bean dip what kind of name is this? Bean dip sound like bean dipshit.

Rax Rules.

Also this game has racist terminology in character generation. It's Inuit not Eskimo you pieces of shit

It's pretty bad when the courts you spent your entire term stacking won't even take your bullshit cases. :smirk:
This piece in the Nation about how Hunter S Thompson and his coverage of the Hells Angels predicted Trump is an amazing piece. It is an absolute must read if you want to understand how Americans can support Trump.

(tl;dr - A large group of people are so removed from the system that they believe that it does not represent them, they will never be apart of it, therefore they have nothing to lose if it burns. Because of that, they cheer everything Trump does that further erodes the system.)

It is interesting to live near Portland, OR and have had a front line view of the law enforcement response to alt-right insurrectionists, versus BLM / antifa protestors. What we saw with the Capitol Police opening the barricades to invite the insurrectionists into the Capitol aligns with what the reality on the ground has been for the last year elsewhere in the country.

I want to see this whole, tragic chapter of our history draw to a close. Arrest everyone who entered the Capitol yesterday. Charge them with felonies and make sure that they are not allowed to own or possess a firearm. Follow up for the next 4 years to incarcerate all of them who ignore that prohibition. Hopefully don't kick off a civil war in the process.

I am all for an armed citizenry holding a corrupt government accountable. That is not what is happening here. What is happening in America is the losing side doesn't want to accept that they're in the minority, and they think that threatening people with weapons is going to change things. That's some Banana Republic type thinking right there. That's the kind of crap that works in "Shit Hole Third World countries." Not here in the USA.
Incredible, Wulf. A joke body-shaming women at the end too? You must've linked the wrong video.

Here's a treat for you in reference to the video you linked:

Try this one instead:
Think your computer might have some sort of problem. It keeps linking things unrelated to the topic at hand.
Is anyone here even phased by this? I personally feel all these reactions and the bickering is monotonous and tiring, the same as usual. (blm, antifa, qanon, etc )

It literally did not surprise me.

I am glad Trump was president. Hopefully his period in office set off enough alarm bells with what's wrong with this country, that change will happen. And if change doesn't happen, I honestly wish he would be president another 4 years.

America is stagnant, not evolving with improvement comparable to plenty of other countries.

Big problems to solve regarding elections, social media, misinformation.

Never forget.