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Video Game Idea: "Dark Age"
No, I'm not actually making this, I know nothing of coding

So I was just doing stuff and I remembered about this idea I've had in the back of my head for years. I generically like medieval stuff, and sometimes attend medieval events, and kinda like history in general (and no, Vikings did not have horns on their helmets, get it right people!). I've long had this idea of something that works slightly like the game Chivalry except more.. fleshed out. More stuff to it. So, I came up with this:

The game is a medieval first-person/third-person game (you can switch between first and third if you want to). It is a bit like TF2 in the sense that there is a map which is split in half, with a red team and a blue time. The map is symmetrical, and a rough sketch of it is the uploaded image, linked at the bottom. The giant circles on either side are the cities. If they are reached and destroyed, the game is over. The smaller circles are the towns. There is a river in the center, and a bridge crossing it. As you can see, this makes for three choke points (one for each side, and one in the center). There is also a forest on each side, through which wind trails, like a small sort of maze.

There are four different "classes" (though not really classes because you don't really get to choose, I just couldn't think of a better word): Farmer, Merchant, Soldier, and Noble. Each of these are split into three tiers. How the game works is that a player will start as a Farmer, go through the three tiers, and then once they finish the third tier, they will have the option to continue to the next. How this happens is whenever a player finishes a tier, their character marries an NPC of the gender of the player's choice (this is done so that no-one is offended, and yes in this fantasy medieval world of mine, same-sex marriage is allowed and screw science because they're gonna have a baby, too), and has a child, the gender of which the player gets to choose. Then, the child grows up through a short 10 second video cinematic, and the player takes over and starts playing as the child, playing in the next class. Through this system, they create a family. Family last names are chosen at the very beginning, and a family tree will be able to be seen. Anyways, when you reach the end of the second tier, the second-generation character will, like the first-generation one, marry an NPC of the gender of the player's choosing and have a child of the gender of the player's choosing, and then control will shift to the child after another 10 second video cinematic. And so on.

Will discuss the three tiers of each class in the next post (twelve total tiers), any thoughts so far? By the way, I think it should be called "Dark Age" or "Dark Ages".

The map (yes I know it's just an extremely simple sketch):

I'm sorry, I just realized I forgot to draw in the forests. Anyways, the actual map:

I really didn't understand any of it.
What exactly didn't you understand about it?
Any of it.

I didn't understand what the goal was, the style of play, what the classes do, what the point of the map was, how people advance, what the point of advancing was, why it required cinematic cut scenes which I would just skip, the marriage dynamic, how you destroy cities, the weapons involved, or... really. Any of it. It just didn't form together into a 'game'. At all.

What I understood was that you're on a map and that you advance through 4 classes, by giving birth and becoming that child. And you destroy cities... that's really all I was able to take away from it.

Well, I guess I forgot to mention that I'll be posting this in increments. Because there's so much more. Good to know, though.
There's an old saying we have in the video game design industry: If you can't make it fun in the first paragraph, 30 more just like it isn't going to help.
Oh. Well, uh... I dunno.

Either way, the way the whole class and tier thing works is that the things produced by each of the tiers' jobs are needed by other tiers/jobs. As a Farmer, the first tier is Serf. The Serf is not paid any money, and can only farm to level up. Hopefully this level will be shorter, and used mainly as a tutorial for showing how the game works, in general. Once leveled up to a certain level, players can become Tenants, which now receive money for farming in return for a portion of their crops. This money can be used to buy specific class traits, or family traits, or many other things. In addition, Tenants can choose a farming area to specialize in: Livestock, Granary, or Produce. This will introduce to them the choices of the next tier. Once a tenant levels up, they become an Independent. The Independent keeps all the money and products made, but they must make money from selling their products. The Independent gets further choices: If they chose Livestock as a Tenant, they now choose two of the following five to breed: Pigs, Sheep, Horses, Cattle, or Chickens. The pigs are sold purely for food, the sheep are shaved and their wool is sold to tailors, horses are sold to knights who need them to ride into battle, cattle are milked and the milk is sold, and when killed the leather is sold to tanners and the meat is sold for food, and lastly the chickens are sold for food. This is used throughout the different tiers to help them connect and depend on one another. If they chose Granary, they can choose two out of the following: make a Bakery, make Beer, or make Livestock feed. Bakery caters to everyone who can afford it (boosts stats), Beer also caters to everyone (boosts certain stats, lowers others), and Livestock feed caters to other farmers. The people that chose Produce sell all of their stuff as food.

That's how the tiers for Farmer will work.

Making decisions for the sake of decision making really doesn't do anything to enhance this. You're just adding needless complexity without adding any fun.
I was thinking the fun would come in the fact that you don't have to stick to this. You could become a thief, steal a horse, some armor, and join in the fight right away. It'd be tricky, and hard to pull, but you could do it. Also, just because you're a farmer doesn't mean the fight isn't going on.. if your side is losing, and your farm happens to be in the way.. you might be killed. On the other hand, you could grab your pitchfork and attempt to kill that knight. Etc.
At which point this is your basic hack and slash and all the mechanics lead to nothing in the face of MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!
Well, see, it's an option. But it's the harder route. It's easier just to go by the classes.