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Villains, Heroes and Proactivity
A developing player's perspective

I am a long time fan of Fate RPG and Sindome. So when I read this little gem on (, it got me thinking about things again.

Sindome is not like a traditional tabletop RPG in which you are presented with hooks custom designed for your character. It is not an adventure module that GMs run you through. There is little in the way of automated questing that you see in a lot of online RPGs either.

I mean, these things happen but they are the exception and not the rule. If you just run crates and collect paychecks while waiting for the next hook, you might find yourself growing bored.

If you want to get the most out of Sindome I suggest one thing above all others: be proactive. This means having goals and gunning for them. Ideally try to involve as many PCs as makes sense when possible.

Just pick a goal, and just think about what small thing you could do right now to progress it. Think if there is a way to do it using only PC resources or at least involving PCs. Then do it. It might take you days and it might fail but it will enrich your character’s story.

And don’t be afraid of engaging NPCs. Yes, we should always try and use player resources first but if you have looked at it through your characters eyes and the most sensible thing is to approach an NPC, then do it. Try and talk to them. Submit a puppet request.

When this step is done, reevaluate - the board has likely changed. Then think what the next best small step might be. And as you are evaluating your next step, think about how you can make it more Cyber Punk.

How does this fit in with the TV Trope I linked to above? Well, if you look at a lot of the famous Sindome characters you’ll see one thing they all have in common: They were more villain than hero. And it’s because villains tend to be so proactive that such characters thrive in Sindome.

I can’t honestly think of a famous PC that was more than an anti-hero. And to be honest, even a hero, when proactive, is going to be someone’s villain so don’t dry and please everyone - you’ll fail.

The next time you roll a character consider goals. Consider proactivity. Consider a villain, or at the very least, a anti-hero!

If you want to be good, bite off more than you can chew and be good so hard that it pisses everyone off until they turn you into a villain or at least an anti hero.

And I don't mean rainbows and sprinkles good, I mean taking on a street gang because you believe TERRA is more just, or taking up arms against the corporations that are bleeding the solar system dry. Or just relentlessly pursuing one person after witnessing them commit a horrible crime.

After that, the stories write themselves. One bold action, win or lose, can create a reaction chain that can go on for years.

Huge fan of what has been said in this topic. +1
Good and evil is largely subjective. I think the key is Don't be afraid to make enemies.

Create a character with a basic identity but make it fragile and easily influenced by events that happen to them within the first six months of there existence in Withmore. Why? It gives other players the chance to witness your actions, choices, and influencers first hand.

When someone ask why is the Goat Ninja Evil - players who have been around long enough should be able to answer that with something besides "Oh, they just showed up out of the gate that way."

Transformation/Growth is everything. Good or Evil is just perspective. Bonus points if your character's choices and influences can be traced back to other PC's.