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Waifu Labs
Everyday we grow further from Anor

Toyed around with a tool someone linked in xooc trying making the nearest character desc I had at hand. They will likely know who they are.

Couldn't quite get fox ears to show up cause I was impatient, but cat ears are fine too.

I'm actually really surprised at the variety of this AI...

Normally with neural network stuff like this they often have a very specific certain style but here's some samples for

Contrast those to this one I got it to generate.

It really works in an interesting fashion. I like it.

The next two are the best of my scraps to just emphasize again how much variety this tool generates.

Closest I got to fox ears but the palette was completely wrong.

I don't think the AI actually quite understands what boobs are and sometimes you get weird shit like this.

Tool is


It was me that linked it, and as with every anime girl generator

you know what i gotta do

oh no it worked

Sindome characters aren't anime characters
s i l e n c e .
This is certainly made by some kind of algorithm.

I present my dream waifu: Instecticus Limbii

Finally got fox ears, green eyes and white hair... Fuck that was a task.

It is a neural network app yeah Talon. They basically made an AI stare at millions of images of anime girls and become able to spit out more.

What is with all the similar hairstyles? Does anime not have curly hair or dreadlocks? Dear lord.

I wasted too much time and got nowhere.