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What drives you to Sindome?
Why do you love it, why cyberpunk?

Hey Chummers,

The title says it all - what is it that gets under your skin and makes you itch for the niche that only Sindome seems to fill oh-so-well? No talk specifically of IC interactions or system intricacies, but what makes it your drug of choice that you keep coming back to, day after day?

I'll jump in down the line, as I'd really like to hear other peoples reasons. I've only been playing Sindome for a week or so, but man is it really got me hooked.

TL;DR - What do you like most about Sindome / Cyberpunk

Sindome is one of a kind.

There is nothing else like it, trust me, I have scoured the net wide and far searching.

Better then any MUD or MOO I've looked at. RP wise it's unrivaled and just perfectly scratches that cyberpunk itch.
I love the way the community (both staff and players) isn't afraid of going "all-in" on plots/world events to produce heart-thumping, adernaline-feuled stories. It's incredible fun.
Quality of RP and staff enforcement of said quality.
Ditto Manywaters.

Also how staff seems to think of EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY STAHP

Ran a roleplaying community on Garrysmod with a custom cyberpunk lore, stumbled upon Sindome after running that place for a year, only to realize that both my team and their team must have had very similar inspirations for the lore, seeing as how it was so similar I couldn't help but give it a shot. I've been here ever since (Only a few months.) Gotta say, the first few weeks I absolutely hated this MOO, and everything made me want to quit, but now I'm so glad I didn't. The stories I've made and progression I've done rivals the best roleplay experiences I've had over a long career of collab writing.
I love how the game has so many layers, both lore-wise and in terms of mechanics/what's possible/what's out there. There's always something new to learn/discover. By forcing you to learn/experience everything IC, the game really puts you in your characters shoes, which, as others said, leads to some great roleplaying.
I must say the indepth plots, constant amazing developement and the very creative characters all cause me to continue playing. This will be my what...4th year heading into my 5th of playing, and I can say that every character I have RP'd with, even if they were around for a month or so, has made a great impact on me. Its driven my love to create, to try new things, and to get out of my comfort zone and try those plots, even if it means the end of my character.

Along with those things, the world and the way sindome is designed is an eye-gasm from the sheer detail you can discover in the massive world that has been created. I hope everyone who seems to be new and has posted so far enjoys this game for as long as I have.

Also, sindome makes me create art, like, absurd amounts of art. I dunno why, it's awfully inspiring.
Dawnshot it's post like yours that make me feel like I stumbled into something real crazy. In a good way of course.
I can definitively say that while I have had -very- exploratory characters, even I have not found or explored everything in this game, both role wise and location/skill wise. And that replayability and the vast amount of things to explore and try and just recreate yourself in a new person makes it an amazing experience. I have played a variety of characters, and I can easily say that especially my most recent ones have been so varied and different that I don't know if people who RP with me can tell its me. And thats great!
For me, the community has been incredible. It's also watching staff members as they build the game. From the intricate level of details, to the large builds such as the cultural areas being added. I've also seen staff members take a few minutes to do something small that did nothing to advance the game as a whole, but completely made my day.

To be able to immerse at this level is something that draws me in..

Fell in love with RP over a decade ago, and the RP here is fantastic and engrossing. The toys and coding for a lot of things really impressed me early on and kept me exploring for more. Well played characters and a solid staff.

Also, and not brown nosing here, Cerebus's constant "fuck you this is how it is" attitude has really impressed me. My old MUD was started and run by a guy who carried a very similar air and it kept the place really solid. When he left, the new staff gave in to a lot of whining about things being hard and the game suffered greatly for it.

Lastly, the overarching theme of the game is very appealing, the class warfare, the violence, the biiiizzzzz, all very fun to me.

The efforts of the staff, the quality of the community, the amazing role play and the unabashed player-versus-player nature of the game made great by the aforementioned points.