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When Work and Media Collide

It is rare that I get to share the details of what I do because of NDAs and client confidentiality agreements.

But every once in a while, Netflix makes a documentary about it.

We were engaged by the Attorney General's office to help them sort through all of the affected cases.

My piece of it was to run the systems (VMs) and applications that hosted, indexed and searched all of the information. In terms of data volumes, it was an average sized case for us. But in terms of the number of people affected by it and public scrutiny, it was one of the more challenging ones.

The company has since divested itself of the group that does that kind of work. I miss the work though because it was pretty cool to be aware of what is going on long before other people. And in many cases, it was even cooler to be in a position to know what 'really' went on, compared with what the public tale ends up being (via the newpapers, social media, etc.)

In terms of governments and corporations controlling the message and needing 'fixers' to clean up after them, our modern society is frighteningly close to kind of dystopia that we roleplay here on Sindome.